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Redesigned Syskit Point brings complete visibility to your M365

You said - we listened. And now we're thrilled to unveil the fresh face of Syskit Point following our recent company rebranding.

Over the years, Syskit Point has transformed remarkably, evolving from a robust reporting and permissions management tool into an all-in-one scalable platform for managing and governing Microsoft 365. We cater to a broad spectrum of users, from small and mid-sized companies to the intricate requirements of large enterprises.

Our mission? To provide you with a centralized haven for complete visibility in the Microsoft 365 environment, with powerful management actions, real-time event tracking, and collaborative governance processes. We’re not just here for the IT people – we’re extending our support to business users and workspace owners, aiming to enhance your digital employee experience and supercharge Microsoft 365 adoption across your organization.

Syskit Point homepage

Syskit rebranding: A transformative journey with a purpose

In September 2021, we embarked on our journey. We organized a brainstorming session, bringing together our founders and key stakeholders to delve deep into our core strengths, vision for the future, and how we could better serve you – our customers. We wanted to understand how we, as a team, perceive our brand. So, we conducted a focus group and a questionnaire to collect our perspectives.

But we didn’t stop there. We asked how you perceive us. A beautiful consensus about Syskit surfaced: “Customer-oriented,” “Continuous product improvements,” State of the art products.”

User-centric evolution of Syskit Point 

Your feedback has been invaluable in guiding our journey. Months of meticulous planning, sketching, and rigorous testing, led by our outstanding UX and frontend teams, have culminated during our fast-paced, focused sprint in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Our UX and frontend engineers worked tirelessly, focusing solely on rebranding Syskit Point. Their dedication and expertise resulted in what you see today.

New starting point

Besides the visual makeover featuring a fresh color palette, the centerpiece of this transformation is our brand-new homepage, which delivers a seamless experience and a great starting point for your work in our platform. We designed it to offer a holistic view of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem, empowering you to make informed decisions and take action with confidence.

Streamlined Navigation

To make your life easier, we’ve moved the menu to the left-hand side, ensuring faster access to all the tools and features you need. No more hunting for options – everything you need is at your fingertips.

Our goal was to provide a seamless, efficient, and delightful experience as you navigate the world of Syskit Point.

Centralized dashboard

The heart of the new homepage is a centralized dashboard designed to provide you with an unparalleled user experience. You’ll find a wealth of insights and functionalities within this dynamic dashboard. It serves as your launchpad for diving deeper into your Microsoft 365 tenant. You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of your workspaces, users, and external collaboration dynamics, shedding light on vital interactions outside your organization.

You can also monitor your storage status and ensure you’re always aware of resource allocation and usage trends. Keeping tabs on license consumption is also effortless, thanks to real-time updates that empower you to optimize your licensing costs.

Additionally, you’ll find an invaluable window into the governance status related to lifecycle management and access reviews, providing an option to manage your workspaces throughout their entire lifecycle.

New security features

We’ve integrated brand-new Security and Compliance Checks into the dashboard, offering you a proactive approach to fortifying your Microsoft 365 environment. These checks provide real-time insights into your ecosystem’s safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring you can safeguard your organization’s data and operations with precision and confidence.

From this section, you can drill down to investigate more details and react quickly to keep your environment secure and under control, either by taking action manually or by applying automated policies to include owners in resolving those on time.

The second important feature we released is Policy Automation. Now, IT admins can define rules that will automatically apply to existing and new workspaces based on the metadata, eliminating unnecessary manual work. Learn how to create and manage rules here.

Security and Compliance Dashboard

In essence, this centralized dashboard isn’t just a tool. It’s a cockpit for your Microsoft 365 journey, offering you the control, clarity, and confidence you need to easily navigate and optimize your digital workspace.

What’s next?

At Syskit, we’re committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. This redesign is just one step on our journey to provide you with a superior Microsoft 365 management experience. We have exciting updates and features in the pipeline designed to help you optimize your Microsoft 365 usage, strengthen security, and streamline compliance. 

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to you, our amazing community, for your invaluable input and trust in our platform. We can’t wait for you to experience the new and improved Syskit Point. 

Stay tuned for more updates; as always, your feedback is welcome. Please reach out to us at 

Here’s to a brighter, more productive Microsoft 365 journey together!

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