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Office 365 adoption implementation and tracking guide intro

In this post, we will learn the ins and outs of Office 365 adoption implementation and tracking. Chris has divided his guide into six sections, which we'll describe in a couple of sentences.

How to establish KPI benchmarks and reporting plan

Chris suggests a variety of great reasons to track KPIs during an Microsoft 365 implementation. Some of them are removing unneeded applications, right-sizing the storage, and improving company communication. He also mentions a couple of KPIs to monitor, such as Microsoft 365 adoption rate, cost reduction, and training effectiveness.

How to improve communication and streamline Microsoft 365 adoption

In this section, Chris praises some Microsoft 365 collaboration and communication tools. Microsoft Teams is a project-like app structured around channels that is good for cross-departments and external communication. Also, it has over 200 connectors with other 3-rd party tools, live file editing, chat, and video meetings – everything you need for hands-on, real-time collaboration.

On the other hand, SharePoint is an intranet platform that streamlines collaboration through shared content while reducing the number of meetings and emails.

Microsoft Kazala is created with large organizations in mind, allowing them to connect to remote employees and frontline workers.

Download a 20-page ebook to find out more about the Microsoft 365 adoption implementation and tracking.

How to create a successful intranet

Chris offers some valuable tips on the adoption and implementation of intranet, like having an executive sponsor, identifying adoption champions, creating a plan, defining KPIs, and more. He also mentions different components of SharePoint you can use for your intranet – SharePoint sites, Homesites, Hub sites, and SharePoint news.

How to create a user resource center

In this section, Chris shows a step-by-step process of creating a user resource center by setting up a communication site. He goes over a creation process, branding the site with the company logo, and adding quick links to offer more information.

How to empower Microsoft 365 adoption champions

This part revolves around the importance of having adoption champions and motivating them to encourage other users to use new technology. He explains the championship program process – from picking up the right people for champions, giving them extra training in utilizing Microsoft 365 tools, and encouraging communication among all champions.

Download a 20-page ebook to find out more about the Microsoft 365 adoption implementation and tracking.

How to track adoption in Microsoft 365 and Syskit Point

Chris goes over monitoring options inside Microsoft 365 Admin Center and how features in Syskit Point augment the information found in Microsoft 365.

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