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Three hours with Microsoft Copilot Studio

First impressions of Microsoft Copilot Studio

I finally found the time to try out Copilot Studio, the latest Microsoft AI tool release. And I have to say I am impressed. There are understandable restrictions (not least the cost and impact on the planet needed for generative models). It’s great that Microsoft has put so much effort into making it very usable and accessible. I should also mention the great introductory tutorial from Microsoft Reactor, which I found very useful. 

Microsoft Copilot Studio

I have used ChatGPT extensively in the past rather than Microsoft’s versions, not least because of the restrictions on licensing with Copilot. Now that those restrictions have been lifted, we can all have a try. The studio functionality is easy to use, and it takes very little time to create a chatbot for your website.

What was particularly impressive is that you can use either public-facing content (for example, your website) or private content, for example, your internal SharePoint site. I’ve spent around half my time on each as they are obviously for their very different use cases. In the future, I will focus my time on public-facing content (about Syskit), and then let’s see how it copes with our internal SharePoint site.

So how did it go?

See for yourself! This is what it said when I asked the question, “What is Syskit Point?”: 

Microsoft Copilot Studio chat example

An unexpected Copilot Studio use case

Very impressive. I’ve also played a lot with other options like “Create an advert” or “Write a long technical blog post” and lots more. When adjustments are needed, I often go back to the source material and make the tweaks there. This shows an unexpected use case where there are inconsistencies in your content writing – if Microsoft Copilot is confused by your content, so might be your customers!

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