What’s New

January 2019

SysKit Insights 3.0 has arrived. This version will provide SharePoint admins and company managers with a health overview of your environment. Receive a simple report delivered directly to your inbox and browse it in minutes to spot trends and instantly see the state of your environment. Download a 30-day free trial and see for yourself.

Download SysKit Insights

Easiest deployment on the market

Daily/weekly farm health reports3.0

Receive daily or weekly pdf reports about the state of your environments. Such reports are very useful for both managers and admins, as they will show you the number of events, and performance & service alerts, as well as page performance trends.

SharePoint farm health reports

Server availability alerts3.1.0

SysKit Insights will constantly monitor your servers and send you real-time email alerts when one or more of your servers go offline. You will know at what time exactely your servers become unavailable, and at what time it came back online.

Receive email alert when your server goes offline and see how long the outage lasted.

Support for SQL clusters3.0

This version of SysKit Insights fully supports all high-availability technologies, from single SQL server to SQL Server Always On Availability groups and SQL Server Failover clusters. SysKit Insights will auto-detect any mentioned environment and connect directly to cluster nodes.

SysKit Insights fully supports all high availability technologies

Allow web app access to individual users or security groups3.1.0

From SysKit Insights 3.1.0 and on you can allow access to security groups. You don’t have to add individual users anymore, but simply allow access to groups such as IT department or SharePoint Admins, and if someone new joins the group they will automatically have app access.

Allow access to individual users or to the whole security groups