What’s New

SysKit Insights 2.0 has been released and this version brings some really interesting features. Now, you can monitor end-user experience and detect if SharePoint pages are slow, and why. SysKit Insights now supports SharePoint on-prem, SharePoint Online, and hybrid SharePoint environments. You can easily monitor simple but essential information like the uptime and load time, or more complex information, like every element loaded for a page, to find the cause of the SharePoint being slow.

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Monitor SharePoint Page Response 2.0

Get a simple overview of all response header metrics. Keep a close watch over page uptime, X-SPHealthScore, SPRequestDuration, SPIISLatency, and Page Response Time. If your SharePoint page becomes slow or sluggish you will receive an alert so you can know before users do. You will also be able to easily spot critical request and copy GUID (correlation ID) to investigate further or you can get in touch with Microsoft.

Network Activity & Page Elements 2.0

The File Request Waterfall vividly visualizes every single element of a page and shows how long it took for CSS, JS, or HTML to load. You can drill down and see the details, such as timings and the preview of an image. With the File Request Waterfall, you can easily find problematic elements of a page, like for example large image that slows down page load time and optimize or remove them.

See Page Score & Optimize Page’s Performance 2.0

SysKit Insights 2.0 brings you an ability to instantly check your pages health with a score ranging 0-100. You will see load time of each type of elements of your page such as HTML, Javascript, Images, CSS, & Fonts. That will enable you to find the elements that make your page slow and optimize it to maximize user satisfaction and page’s speed.

Instantly Find All Problems With One Dashboard 2.0

The main dashboard in SysKit Insights has been redesigned to save you even more time and show you the most important data. From now on you will be able to see the state of each farm, and that farm’s servers. The catch is that only critical and warning counters, as well as alerts, will be shown, so you don’t waste your time.