What’s New

We are proud to present SysKit Insights 1.1. In this version, you will find new features that will expand your monitoring capabilities by ensuring you have a great handle on your intra-farm latency, UPS & Search Services, and we also expanded current capabilities. From now on you can also access SysKit Insights in your web browser on any device.

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Intra-Farm Latency Monitoring 1.1

To satisfy Microsoft minimum requirements, your latency must be less than 1 millisecond one way, 99,9% of the time in a ten-minute interval. It’s important to reach those requirements to ensure optimal network performance and fast SharePoint for your end users. SysKit Insights will continuously measure latency, visualize your data and even alert you to any and all problems, allowing you to stay compliant and have proof for your virtualization and networking teams.

UPS & Search Services Alerting 1.1

User Profile Synchronization Service and Search Service are known to cause problems in SharePoint farms. If those services go down, they can cause serious problems, like impeding your users’ ability to search your SharePoint. In version 1.1 SysKit Insights will constantly monitor those services and send you an email alert as soon as it goes down, enabling you to fix it and restore balance to the universe.

Web Browser Access 1.1

The main goal of SysKit Insights is to make sure that you have all the information you need in one place. To make it even easier to use, and even more accessible, now you can reach it from Google Chrome. You will have all the functionality that you have in your desktop app, without having to log on to the server that hosts it. You can even allow access to your managers or other admins, so you can all read data as you need it, and no need to worry, more people can use it at once.