Remote Desktop Services User Session Log Summary

The Remote Desktop Services User Session Log Summary report, or the Session Log MinMax Summary custom report, was created for a client who wanted to track activity for a remote user that connected to the RDS farm sorted by daily user reports.

Although SysKit Monitor, our remote user session report software, comes with a list of predefined reports, please note that you will not find the Remote Desktop Services User Session Log Summary custom report among your default SysKit Monitor reports. If you have a specific request, contact us with the details and wireframe of the report, and we will create a report which you can use in your environment.

The Remote Desktop Services User Session Log Summary report lists:

  • When a certain user connected to the remote desktop servers
  • First log-on and last log-off time for the remote users
  • Total time spent connected in a session
  • Time spent in active and idle session state

How to monitor user activities with Remote User Session Report Software – SysKit Monitor

The Remote user session report is available for download. It is listed as a Session Log MinMax Summary custom report. Once you have downloaded this custom report, you have to import it into your SysKit Monitor application. Please note that all custom reports need to be imported manually into the Monitor application, as they do not come embedded. To download the definition, please follow these instructions.

When downloading available custom reports, simply select the reports and click the Install button. After the custom reports have been downloaded, the success dialog will appear, informing you that the reports have been installed. The reports will also appear in the left navigation within their corresponding folder structure.

Now that you have downloaded the Session Log MinMax Summary custom report, you can start generating your data.

  1. Navigate to Custom Reports > Session Log MinMax Summary.
  2. Drag the User and Date columns to the group box.
  3. In the filters category, select all users. Click OK, and then click Save Filters in the Custom Reports ribbon.

And you are all set up, with your report ready to use!

Learn more about Remote Desktop Services here. If you have any additional questions or wish to send a custom report request, feel free to contact us.

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