PowerShell Scripts

SysKit allows you to create or import PowerShell scripts intended for reporting and administration of remote servers. Listed for download here are the PowerShell scripts that we created for common system administration tasks. To import the PowerShell scripts successfully, please follow these instructions.

PowerShell Scripts Description Download
AD List of Active Directory (AD) scripts that provide AD information on disabled users, users in different OUs, locked accounts, and more. Custom Reports
Group Policy Group Policy (GP) scripts that show you where a particular GP is applied, whether it is inherited, and various other GP information. Custom Reports
IIS Scripts providing the configuration of the IIS server, a list of all sites, application pools, users configured for the app pools, recycled settings, and more. Custom Reports
Network Network scripts that retrieve basic network data such as IP configuration settings and the IP interface settings of your servers. Custom Reports
VMs Scripts that provide information about all virtual machines on particular HyperV physical hosts, their configurations, and more. Custom Reports