Where’s the return on investment in Microsoft Teams user adoption?

Let Microsoft MVP Karoliina Kettukari guide you on how to ensure your Microsoft Teams investment pays back through Office 365 adoption.

How to ensure your Microsoft Teams investment pays off

It’s easy to calculate a return on investment for making and selling physical products. But what about when your product is “fewer e-mails” or “higher Teams activity”?

What you will learn

Money savings during the adoption & change management

Learn how to calculate the ROI in Teams and Office 365 adoption and in change management (ACM) projects.

Insights about the current level of Teams adoption

Learn how to utilize Teams adoption metrics to reach better business performance and employee experience.

Importance of user adoption for C-level and managers

Learn how to convince the management team to invest in user adoption.


Karoliina Kettukari

Modern Work Leader and Microsoft MVP

Karoliina is a Modern Work Leader, Advisor and Microsoft MVP whose passion is to empower every employee with smart use of digital technology. Her speciality is developing teamwork and internal communications with the help of Microsoft Teams. Karoliina is an active speaker at technology conferences and co-host in three meet-ups. She loves the community, sharing knowledge and learning from others.