Cloud Up Workshop

The practical side of software development

June 5th – June 9th

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From Zero to Cloud: Complete software development workshop

In this free workshop, we will go through a workflow of creating a web app. You will learn how to collaborate and manage your code using Git, and how to create cool and modern web app interfaces with React.js. Finally, we will publish the app on Azure. This three-day workshop will consist of theoretical and practical segments.

Day One

On the first day of the Cloud Up workshop, you will take a tour of our new, modern offices and receive some training on Git education. You will learn how to collaborate better on a project, and how you and your team can use Git to create great apps with efficient time management. The training will consist of a 45 minutes theoretical part, and a 45 minutes practical part.

Day Two

Day two will focus on React.js. Our Internship mentor Dino Kacavenda will explain all the benefits and practical advantages of React.js and TypeScript technologies. You will later use these to create your own app.

Day Three

On the final day of the workshop, you will get to know Microsoft Azure. You will learn how it can host your web app, and you will solidify your newly acquired knowledge with a mini project. You will collaborate using Git, write code in React.Js, and deploy your app on the Cloud. Afterward, we will celebrate your successful app launch with pizza and beer. 🙂

So apply now, then come and meet us. Also, you can add this useful and motivating workshop to your CV!