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How to – 5 easy steps to comply with GDPR

Discover 5 crucial GDPR actions steps on how to get started with technical measures required to protect personal data and prevent data breach on time.

GDPR will affect almost all of the ways in which an organization processes personal data. Arm your organization on time with an essential tool belt to establish all the compliance obligations!

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years – make sure you’re prepared! GDPR is also the world’s most expansive data privacy law, takes effect May 25, 2018, and the compliance is mandatory!

Here are 5 essential action steps to start with:

1. Locate your personal data

Detect where personal data is stored, who can access it and how long you’ve kept it.

 2. Take action and manage data

It is stated that all EU residents can request access to their personal data and require to be corrected, moved or deleted. You have to ensure to respond to their requests quickly and efficiently.

3. Apply policies and secure your data

GDPR requires you to protect personal data from damage, loss or breach. Establish transparency into your data protection and security processes and make sure you can fulfill audits and compliance requests.

4. Monitor your data

Monitor and audit data access and permission changes. Recognize data breaches on time and notify the authorities within 72 hours. It’s crucial to have the right tools to spot risky behaviors and avoid breaches (and penalties).

5. Generate detailed reports

Make sure you have the adequate tool to quickly generate reports you can use to prove that your organization is GDPR compliant.

How can Syskit Monitor help you?

Watch the short introduction video to see Syskit Monitor in action and try it yourself below!

To make GDPR journey easier for you, we have prepared a guide that will lead you through general GDPR terms, show you benefits for your business and how to prevent data breaches and enforce security!

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