Add Users Manually

This article describes how to add users manually.

  1. Navigate to the File > Manage > Users and Groups.
  2. Click the arrow by the Grant Access button on the toolbar and choose Grant Access Manually.
  3. The Edit User Data dialog will open. Fill in all the required information and check the following options according to your preferences:
    • Import user information from Active Directory – when adding a user to the application, it will perform regular synchronization with the Active Directory.
    • Monitor activities for this user – enables you to select the user you wish to monitor.
    • Add security role.

    Edit user data

  4. Click OK to add user and automatically close the window.

If you want to give access to SysKit to one user, please follow these instructions:
  1. In Manage Users and Groups dialog click the arrow by the Grant Access button and then click the Grant Access Manually button. In the Create new user dialog, enter information about the user you want to give access to SysKit.
  2. Under Security – Role select Viewer. This user will now have rights to read the data and to use SysKit to view reports.
  3. If you give someone the Administrator role, they will also be able to administer database and will have a full permission to use the SysKit.

If you want to give access to SysKit to a whole group, please follow these instructions:

  1. In Manage Users and Groups click on the Security and distribution groups.
  2. Select the group you want and click Edit.
  3. In tab Members you can see all the users that are members of this specific group.
  4. Change Security – Role to Administrator and click OK.
Please note! A new security group will be added as soon as the first user from it is connected to the computer and recognized by SysKit. It is not possible to add anyone manually to the group, SysKit will do it automatically. Also, now you can give Administrator role to the whole group.

See Add Users from Active Directory to learn more.
See Manage Users and Groups to learn more.