SysKit Webinar Recording

50 Office 365 Security Best Practices

SysKit CEO Toni Frankola will show you the best practices to protect your O365
tenant from internal and external threats and make your O365 impervious.

Boost the security of your Office 365

There are many challenges of managing the security of Office 365 and several key components you need to take care of. In this presentation, Toni will cover some industry recommendations and best practices. He will also discuss:

Azure AD Security

Learn about enabling MFA, securing your administrator accounts, as well as simulating a phishing attack.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Security

Find out about sharing policy settings and proper collaboration with external users to prevent data leaks.

SysKit Best Practices

Discover SysKit’s very own list of best practices to ensure your environment is configured properly.

About the presenter

Toni Frankola

SysKit Co-Founder and CEO

Toni Frankola is an entrepreneur and IT consultant from Zagreb, Croatia, where he founded and runs a software company, SysKit Ltd. SysKit specializes in high-quality enterprise solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, as well as Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Services, and Citrix, helping admins and consultants worldwide manage their complex environments.

Toni is one of the names behind SysKit’s popular tools. He spends his spare time contributing to various local, regional, and global SharePoint events, as well as blogging at