Take full control of your Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning

Proper SharePoint governance and SharePoint provisioning are the essential ingredients of a flawlessly working Microsoft 365 environment. A lack of inadequate Office 365 governance tools often results in security threats, uncontrolled sprawl, and inefficiency, with IT teams fighting large volumes of support tickets on the back foot.

Syskit Point is a Microsoft 365 governance and management platform that helps you tackle numerous SharePoint governance and provisioning challenges from multiple angles.

Automated governance
Take workspace management and maintenance to a new level with a powerful engine that automatically applies policies, according to your rules, to all workspaces, regardless of how, when, and where they were created.
Lifecycle management
Set up policies for the entire workspace lifecycle and lift the manual burden from your IT team by empowering the content owners to do their part.
Effective provisioning
Speed up the workspace creation process and avoid sprawl with Syskit Point’s automated workspace creation that lets you control the entire process and makes IT faster and more efficient.
Clutter free tenant
Prevent sprawl and ensure all data is properly archived or deleted when no longer actively needed with Syskit Point’s lifecycle management that helps you increase the efficiency and security of your M365 tenant.

Business benefits

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Lower operational costs and improved productivity due to streamlined and automated access management processes.
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Enhanced user experience and automated access management enable more efficient allocation of resources and focus on other strategic initiatives.
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IT Managers

Increased efficiency and productivity of the IT team by adopting of Microsoft 365 tools and reducing time spent on support requests.

With Syskit Point, you can easily set up SharePoint governance policies to help you automate governance, stay in control, and track progress.

Setting up policies for the entire workspace lifecycle also helps you lift the manual burden from your IT team by empowering the content owners to do their part.

Syskit Point’s numerous handy policies will help you manage resources from their creation to their end and ultimately improve your Microsoft 365 governance.

Take full control over creation, access, and cleanup with policies such as:

  • Minimum number of owners

    Having at least 2 active owners is critical, so you can always have a backup for the primary person responsible for workspace management and administration.

    Point automatically detects when teams and groups don’t have a predefined minimum number of owners. When this happens, existing owners will receive an email to do a review so they can assign additional owners.


  • Maximum number of owners

    If there are too many owners in teams and groups, Point will send the owners a notification and ask them to review ownership.

    You can decide who is the true owner and remove the unnecessary ones.


  • Orphaned workspace cleanup

    Ownerless teams can slow down productivity and be a security threat.

    You can automatically assign the last owner’s manager, ask members to suggest a new owner, or let the admins decide.

    Depending on the data’s sensitivity, you can apply different policies to different groups and teams.

  • Guest user recertification

    Ensure that guest users are reviewed periodically or whenever Point detects them as inactive.

    Automatically remove the ones for which no one takes responsibility, leaving your environment secure and clean.

Your success is our mission

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Accelerate time to value

Save money and time by saving 26 hours per user with improved user experience and proper governance implementation, according to internal research on a company with 10,000 users and an IT team of 10.
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You can count on us

A dedicated CSM and support team will be there to help you succeed in no time, with no hidden costs.
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Simple, scalable platform

Grow without complex installations and integrations. Upgrade easily and anytime.
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Stay ahead of the curve

Improve efficiency, prevent workspace sprawl, and ensure proper content management across the Microsoft 365 environment.

How Syskit Point helps with Microsoft 365

Discover how Syskit Point has helped customers worldwide solve their daily M365 challenges

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The tool and its capabilities are extremely powerful. Syskit Point is really simple to use, and the support for the product has been outstanding – from the deployment process to the latest updates.

Eddie Soto Messaging Engineer at Lionsgate

The best thing about Syskit is the people working there. There are not so many software providers where you can directly position your ideas and they will soon be evaluated, and that’s one of the most important things in our good relationship.

Anton Dorfmann, CMS and Collaboration Manager

Besides the tool’s features, the services show me a powerful and reliable team behind them. This whole package provides peace of mind to someone responsible for the information security in a company. I was pleasantly surprised by how the Syskit Team handled a change request I had about an exported excel report. My request was solved fast and published in the next release. That showed me that Syskit has an agile and client-oriented product team, which inspires reliability, and it determined me to acquire the tool.

Florian Rada, Information Technology Manager, Fortech

Syskit Point reviews

“Product support responsiveness is very high and with their help you can map easier this tool on your company processes.”
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“I really like the features – having the ability to replace permissions easily is a huge benefit. It provides great reporting and the customer service is the best.”
Janice L. Read all reviews on Capterra
“Overall my experience has been superb. We needed a tool that did a lot of different things but also had a lot of flexibility.”
Marko M. Read all reviews on Capterra
"We decided on Syskit due to the automation of permission reviews, and the GUI provided for end users. Our users LOVE the system for managing their memberships and channels."
Amanda G. Read all reviews on Capterra