Gain full visibility into your Microsoft 365 inventory and easily get the reports you need

Whether it is auditing or reporting, with Syskit Point in your toolbelt, you no longer have to jump from one admin center to another. Syskit Point eliminates the pain of having to run from one part of Microsoft 365 to the next to get to the bottom of who did what, where, and when by unifying all of the data in one centralized interface. 

It gives you access to all the data you need to manage your environment effectively. When we say all data, we mean all data: SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 Groups.

Comprehensive reporting
Syskit Point provides a centralized overview of all users, resources, and permissions across your Microsoft 365 environment. Its 30 prebuilt reports will save you time and increase efficiency – no more jumping between admin centers to find what you’re looking for.
Secure and safe M365
Unwanted access and changes happen faster than you can react. Syskit Point lets you easily detect which users, groups, and external collaborators have access to your data, down to the file level. And it allows you to detect and prevent malicious activity across your M365 environment quickly.
Complete visibility
See audit logs from SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 Groups for a specific team, group, or user, in one platform. Also, Syskit Point lets you control the audit log storage period.
Optimized budget
Syskit Point will give you the insights and tools you need to optimize Microsoft 365 licenses and SharePoint storage, identify multiple cost-saving opportunities, and ultimately make informed and proactive decisions.

Business benefits

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Improve productivity and reduce time generating compliance reports and audits. Lower costs due to reduced fines and legal proceedings.
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Gain efficient, accurate, and up-to-date reporting and management by displaying your entire Microsoft 365 environment in one place.
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IT Managers

Get clear insights into workspace content and usage with detailed reports: Permissions Matrix, External Users, and Unique Permissions.

Syskit Point lets you opt for a tenant-wide view or choose several individual workspaces that you wish to include – entirely up to you – and instantly generate and export the reports you need.

  • Permissions matrix report



    Detect and manage who can access what across Microsoft Teams (private and shared channels included), Groups, SharePoint sites, and OneDrive accounts.

    See all sharing and access down to the file level and generate real-time reports in just a few clicks.

    Once you fine tune the details you want to run the report for and get the report you want, Syskit Point will allow you to remove and manage users’ access directly.

    Some of the available actions are:

    • Remove sharing link
    • Remove user access
    • Edit user permissions
    • Delete unique permissions

    See all Syskit Point’s reports examples.

  • User access report



    Drill down into user permissions and memberships across the entire tenant.

    Easily offboard people who leave or switch departments.

    Add, copy, or transfer permissions for multiple users at once.

    Some of the actions you can do directly from this report are:

    • Remove user access
    • Edit user permissions
    • Remove user/group from SharePoint group
    • Change admins

    See all Syskit Point’s reports examples.

  • Unique permissions report



    List all your content and objects, such as sites, lists, folders, files, etc.) across your entire Microsoft 365 inventory where permissions differ from a parent.

    Once you do that you can:

    • Restore permissions inheritance directly from the report
    • Stop sharing; for OneDrive
    • Delete unique permissions; for other workspaces

    See all Syskit Point’s reports examples.

  • Licenses reports



    Syskit Point has several license reports that enable you to discover your Microsoft 365 license usage details throughout your entire organization:

    • License Overview Report
    • Licenses Usage by Service Report
    • License Distribution
    • Inactive Licenses Report

    You can use these reports to discover assigned, unassigned, inactive, and much more, helping you manage your Microsoft 365 licenses and plan overall license cost.



    See all Syskit Point’s reports examples.

Your success is our mission

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Accelerate time to value

Save money and time by not spending 1560 hours per year on custom development of 6 – 8 PowerShell scripts, according to internal research on a company with 10,000 users and an IT team of 10.
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You can count on us

A dedicated CSM and support team will be there to help you succeed in no time, with no hidden costs.
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Simple, scalable platform

Grow without complex installations and integrations. Upgrade easily and anytime.
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Stay ahead of the curve

Improve the efficiency of modern workspace and summarize data across various workloads with real-time Microsoft 365 and SharePoint analytics.

How Syskit Point helps with Microsoft 365

Discover how Syskit Point has helped customers worldwide solve their daily M365 challenges

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and it would be impossible to run reports that give an overview of users, groups, and what they have access to without Syskit Point!

Ulfar Helgason Head of IT at Coripharma

Syskit Point allowed us to manage a 5% buffer of licenses effectively, so we always have the ability to scale up or down in terms of users without unnecessary costs.

Eddie Soto, Messaging Engineer at Lionsgate

One of the key components of Syskit Point for us is the powerful reporting where we can narrow the selection and go quite deep into the structure of permissions and all the data regarding the permissions and memberships.

Sebastien Nunes, SharePoint and Office 365 Admin, iTeos Therapeutics

Syskit Point reviews

“Product support responsiveness is very high and with their help you can map easier this tool on your company processes.”
Florian R. Read all reviews on Capterra
“I really like the features – having the ability to replace permissions easily is a huge benefit. It provides great reporting and the customer service is the best.”
Janice L. Read all reviews on Capterra
“Overall my experience has been superb. We needed a tool that did a lot of different things but also had a lot of flexibility.”
Marko M. Read all reviews on Capterra
"We decided on Syskit due to the automation of permission reviews, and the GUI provided for end users. Our users LOVE the system for managing their memberships and channels."
Amanda G. Read all reviews on Capterra