This article describes the new features and improvements in SysKit Point version 13.

SysKit Point 13

Spring has arrived, and with it, SysKit Point 13!

In this version, we introduce our brand-new Automated Access Review feature, which will help you extend the area covered by spring cleaning in your Microsoft 365 environment. To make the cleaning easier new actions were added to the toolbelt, the workspace was expanded, and all reports and exports were optimized to reduce the load on your environment.

A lot of tweaks make this version of SysKit Point the best one yet, so make sure to read on and get to know them all!

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Product version: 13.0.0
Build number: 722
Release date: Apr 22, 2020


  • Automated Access Review is available! This new feature takes care of the Access Review process in your environment by sending automatic reminders via email to site admins, Microsoft Teams owners, and Microsoft 365 Group owners, and creates related tasks for them in SysKit Point. In the tasks, admins and owners get the full overview of users, their permissions, as well as shared content, edit permissions, and complete the Access Review Task once everything seems to be in order. Use the following links to find out:
  • Cancel option is available when generating reports. Reports in large environments having a lot of content can take a while to generate. While at it, if you change your mind and want to go a step back, you can now cancel the report generation. By doing so, all server resources are being freed automatically, ensuring the best performance experience for all users. The same happens when you refresh the web page, close the browser tab, or even close your browser to optimize the usage of server resources.
  • New Grant Access action is available, which enables you to grant permissions to multiple users and security groups, either directly, or by adding them to multiple existing SharePoint groups. The action is available for all SharePoint objects with broken permissions inheritance and can be found on the Site Details screen, Users report, and Permissions Matrix report.
  • New Change Owners action is available. You can now easily change owners of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups from multiple reports and screens in SysKit Point – Sites Overview screen, Microsoft Teams & Groups overview screen, Microsoft 365 Group and Microsoft Teams details screens, Group Memberships report, Orphaned Groups report, Permissions Matrix report, and the Task Details screen when performing Access Review for a specific Microsoft Teams or Microsoft 365 Groups.
  • Expand to Full Screen option is available. You can find it on all reports in SysKit Point and use it to remove everything but the report grid and filters from your current view. The side panel holding all available actions is also collapsible, giving you the way to see all your data even on the smallest screens.
  • The Onboarding carousel was created to introduce SysKit Point to new users and shows brief animations on how to navigate through screens, select different views, and perform other common actions in SysKit Point. The carousel appears only when a user navigates to the overview, or details screen, or the Report Center for the first time.

Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Improved Security group sync available. SysKit Point now collects data for all security groups in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Before, only security groups with permissions on SharePoint sites were synced. SysKit Point now detects if a security group was deleted and displays such groups accordingly on reports.
  • Improved export available. When different users trigger the export of multiple reports simultaneously, servers sometimes refused to collaborate due to a lack of resources (CPU or RAM). Because of that, exports are now processed sequentially, one by one, minimizing the consumption of server resources.
  • Improved error handling and messages available. In the unlikely event of failure, SysKit Point will show more precise messages to explain better what went wrong. These changes apply to errors that can appear while executing an action, or when activating the product, or after long inactivity periods when SysKit Point will ask you to sign in again.
  • Various UX/UI improvements and bug fixes available, including improved support for mobile devices, non-chromium browsers, fixed icons in reports and PDF exports, and fixed date format based on the browser locale.
  • Fixed an issue where the SysKit Point Configuration Wizard failed to create Azure AD Certificates for SysKit Point Client and SysKit Point Service app registrations. The following error was visible: Microsoft.IdentityModel.Clients.ActiveDirectory.AdalServiceException: AADSTS700027: Client assertion contains an invalid signature. Reason – The key used is expired.
  • Fixed a bug where the Microsoft Teams activity was not considered when displaying the Activity column on the Microsoft Teams & Groups overview screen.