Consolidate Server Inventory

Keep track of your system inventory and generate automated server documentation! Discover the IT asset management feature that makes patch management or server configuration deployment a piece of cake.

Audit hardware and software inventory

Managing company’s hardware and software resources is important; however, each addition to the inventory makes it harder to keep everything in order. SysKit Monitor crawls your system and reports back with the detailed inventory data. Tracking server inventory makes system administration easier, helping you keep up with hardware resources, installed programs, updates, local admins, or certificates.

Take a look at what server inventory data SysKit Monitor provides you with:

  • Hard Drives – disk space usage for every computer in your farm
  • Network Adapters – all network adapters on your system
  • Processors – list of CPUs running on your computers
  • Printers – installed printers in your server environment
  • Programs –  a full list of installed programs
  • Security Updates – installed and available updates for all computers and servers
  • Services – all services that are running on your local and remote computers
  • Certificates – list of all certificates in the personal store on each computer
  • Local Admins – all members of the local administration group for your system
  • Application Licenses – overview of available and consumed licenses per application
  • Client Licenses – a list of TS/RDS CALs used by devices or users
  • Office Licenses – information about Microsoft Office products installed on your computers

All reports are exportable to Excel and can be sent as a subscription via email, saved to file, or saved in the SharePoint library of your choice.

Generate detailed server documentation using PowerShell scripts.

Automated server documentation with PowerShell

Use PowerShell to gather all data about your server environment and consolidate server documentation. Created documentation can contain server configuration settings and be used as baseline for other servers. You can audit Citrix configurations and create documentation on Citrix published apps, group policy changes, or other components with PowerShell exposure.
Track differences in your software inventory by comparing snapshots.

Compare server inventory

Explore differences in hardware and software data over time and between different servers. SysKit Monitor will automatically record inventory changes and notify you if a difference was spotted between two inventory snapshots. All changes made to your environment are automatically recorded and saved.
Monitor and determine over- or under-licensed RDS Host and Citrix XenApp software.

Evaluate license compliance

Take license consumption into consideration when validating new license purchases. Check how your users utilize certain applications and avoid over-licensing. In addition to monitoring your RDS/TS and Citrix licenses, track licenses per user, per device CALs, and even Citrix concurrent licenses.

  • Examine our screenshots to see how our tool makes inventory maintenance much easier: