Intelligent Alerting

SysKit Insights will monitor your SharePoint server performance, SharePoint status, and all events so it can proactively alert you to any potential problem.

Performance Alerts

SysKit Insights will continuously monitor 30-plus SharePoint specific performance counters regarding the role of your server and send you email notifications when one of the counters gets degraded.

SysKit Insights’ alerts will enable you to:

 Protect your environment

 Minimize SharePoint downtime

 Centralize monitoring and troubleshooting for your entire estate

Performance Alerting Thresholds

All of the performance counters come with a warning and critical thresholds that are predefined according to the best practices, and that will trigger an alert.

This allows you to relax with the knowledge that if something goes wrong, you will be the first to know, giving you enough time to take care of the problem before it can degrade your system and affect users.

ULS, SQL, Windows Event Log Alerts

The problem with troubleshooting via logs was the need for someone to encounter the problem and report it, and then for you to search for it to fix it. SysKit Insights will rid you of that pain with Event Alerts. It enables you to set up queries with the keywords of a problem that you want to track; as soon as that keyword appears in any of the logs, Insights will immediately send you an email alert with the problem details.

SharePoint Status Alerts

If SysKit Insights detects that your Central Administration or SharePoint Timer Service is not accessible, you will receive an email alert. You can also add any and all site collections you want to monitor and be alerted as soon as they’re not reachable.

SysKit Insights will also monitor User Profile Service Synchronization and Search Service, so you can rest easy knowing that if your SharePoint search stops working, or UPS stops syncing you will know about it instantly.

SharePoint Page Performance Alerts

It is extremely important to monitor the performance of SharePoint pages constantly because it directly affects end users. Pages can be very difficult to monitor because their performance varies from day to day and even from hour to hour.

SysKit Insights will monitor all the important metrics, such as uptime, load time, page response time, SPrequestDuration, SPIISLatency, etc. As soon as one of those metrics reaches a critical value, you will receive an email notification.


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