Audit User and Admin actions in SharePoint
with SPDocKit

Increase your company’s security and track important actions with
SPDocKit – always stay one step ahead!

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

SharePoint Auditing – Track Important Security Actions

Know who has done which action and make sure to comply with your company’s policies and various regulations, like HIPAA or GDPR.

Track who is opening SharePoint files and folders in your site collections and what they are doing with this data.

Get a detailed report with a list of all changes that the out-of-the-box SharePoint audit logs cover.

Filter, sort and analyze what your users did or changed on sites, lists, libraries, list items and files.


SPDocKit Will Get You a Complete Overview of Who is Doing What in Your Farm

SharePoint Security Check


Get a summarized overview
of audit settings and user actions
in the last 7 days.
Do not let any
user action slip under the radar.

Detect Changes Across Your Farm


Get an overview of important changes across your farms. Enforce governance policies, keep your data secure and detect malicious behavior in your farm.

Custom Audit Log Data Retention

Governance Audit

Don’t worry about archiving
your data – control how long to
keep audit log data
by setting
a custom retention policy.

A must-have tool for every SharePoint admin and consultant!

    • SharePoint Analytics and Usage Reports

Measure your SharePoint adoption (farm hits, active users and much more) and keep your farm storage under control.

    • Generate SharePoint Documentation

Automatically create professional-looking documentation containing all the SharePoint farm and Project Server configuration settings.

    • Validate Farm Configuration Best Practices

Optimize your farm configuration according to the latest SharePoint operational best practices.