Analyze Application Usage

Get a complete overview of when and which applications are being used across your workstations, servers, and XenApp/XenDesktop environments.

Track application performance status

Track performance for applications running on your Citrix XenApp Server, Remote Desktop Session Host, or VMWare Horizon Server.

Use SysKit Monitor to gather performance metrics such as:

  • CPU usage for each application and user
  • Memory usage for each application and user
  • IO Reads and IO Writes for each application on the server
  • Disk IO, disk queue length and free space for all servers
  • Bandwidth for each server

These performance values can be monitored in real time as well as audited historically by going back and tracking the issue at a particular time frame.

Find out the exact time a specific application was started and who started it.

Monitor application usage per user

Gather application usage information for each user on your server. Find out the exact time a particular user connected to a server or multiple servers and when the user started a specific application, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Track the number of concurrent applications during user sessions and which application a user uses most.

Track published applications

View application usage statistics for published applications on Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp. Summarize the most important application usage metrics.
Let SysKit Monitor  help you with reports such as:

      • Most Used Applications – lists applications your users use the most
      • Application Usage Summary – hourly application usage and time spent in different states
      • Users Per Application – number of users using an application over a period of time
      • Application Instances – application instances per user and per selected time frame
      • Concurrent Application Usage – information on concurrent applications

  • Examine our screenshots to see how SysKit Monitor makes application monitoring much easier: