What’s New – 4.0

October 2018

We are proud to present the SysKit Security Manager 4.0. This version includes new Microsoft Teams and OneDrive reports. Use the Team bulk management options to avoid clutter and the new OneDrive screen to control OneDrive consumed storage and activity. Download our 30-day free trial and try it yourself.

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Microsoft Teams Management4.0

Stay on top of the number of the Teams in your tenant and avoid creating clutter. List all active and archived Microsoft Teams within a selected tenant. You can then drill down into each team to find their channels, members, owners, and guest users.

Clone your Microsoft Teams and adjust their settings according to your needs

You can add team members and owners to multiple teams in one step, as well as remove multiple users from teams at once. You can also clone and delete teams and adjust their settings according to your company’s guidelines.

OneDrive Storage Checkups4.0

Stay within OneDrive storage limits with the new SysKit Security Manager features. From a single screen, you can view all the OneDrive accounts within your tenant. Along with the OneDrive users, you can also see their consumed storage levels, storage-warning levels, and maximum allowed storage.

OneDrive usage and activity report shows consumed storage and acitvity for each OneDrive user in a tenant

Find out who hasn’t been active for a while and clean up any unnecessary accounts. The OneDrive dashboard visually presents user activity in green, yellow, red, and grey. Green means that a user has been active within the last three months. Yellow means that a user hasn’t been active for more than three months, while the red color means the user has been inactive for more than a year.

OneDrive With Guests Reports4.0

To help you gain even more insight into your environment, all our permissions reports now include the OneDrive personal sites, as well. On top of that, you can export, filter, and analyze the specialized reports with OneDrive guest users across your tenant.

OneDrive with Guests reports show all personal OneDrive accounts that have guest or external users with existing permissions

Microsoft Teams With Guests Reports4.0

Ensure a high level of security in your environment. List all the teams that contain guest users in one summarized report. Make sure that no sensitive content is exposed to people outside your company.

Quickly find all guest and external users in the Microsoft Teams across your tenant

Orphaned OneDrive4.0

Find all the orphaned OneDrive accounts in your tenant – accounts whose owners are disabled or deleted in the Active Directory. Make sure you don’t lose any work by transferring ownership to the user’s manager and optimize your costs by removing an orphaned user’s license.

OneDrive with Guests reports show all personal OneDrive accounts that have guest or external users with existing permissions

Group Reports4.0

We’ve added three new reports to help you stay on top of your groups and the belonging members, including guest users.

The Group Members report lists all the members for a selected SharePoint, Office 365 or Security group within a tenant. See the example below:

Group Members report shows all principals for selected Office 365, Security or SharePoint groups

You can also check:
The SharePoint Groups report displays all the SharePoint groups within a site collection, along with the corresponding members.
The User Membership report identifies all the SharePoint, Security or Office 365 groups for selected members within a tenant.