Syskit Monitor report examples





User Reports – Session Log Summary

Visualize users’ activities over the course of one day: first logon and last logoff time, total time connected and information about time spent in different session states (active, idle).

User Reports – Time on System Daily Activity

Analyze the time spent in each session state (active, idle, remote, disconnected) for a user or group of users during a selected day.

User Reports – Sessions Count Daily

Monitor total number of active, idle or disconnected sessions during one selected working day.

User Reports – Client Versions

This report shows who is using which Client version (shows build numbers) and helps you detect who is using older versions that can cause connectivity problems.

Application Reports – Application Usage Summary

Summarizes data about application usage on a Remote Desktop server. Includes information about the number of application instances and the total time users spent using a particular app.

Application Reports – Most Used Applications

This report allows you to check most frequently used applications for a specified user, server or time period.

Server Performance Reports – CPU

Displays detailed CPU usage for one or more computers within the selected Date Range.

Server Performance Reports – Disk

Displays several counters related to I/O for a selected computer within the selected Date Range.

License Reports – Application License Compliance

This report shows you a number of available licenses per application along with information about consumed and remaining licenses. Check unused or overused software licenses.

Inventory Reports – Hard Drives

This report shows disk space usage for every server in your farm – identify servers low on space.

Gateway Reports – Client IP Addresses and Targets

Displays a full list of client IP addresses connected via RD Gateway and target computers.