Monitor Remote Desktop Gateway traffic

With SysKit, you can monitor user activities and get summaries of important statistical data about past activities for all servers and users. It helps you meet regulatory compliance standards and optimize IT infrastructure investments. You can perform time tracking and check users’ activities by connection state (Active, Idle, Disconnected, and Remote Control).

Monitor Remote Desktop Gateway traffic

Remote Desktop Gateway Monitoring

Have you ever searched for a way to monitor your connection on Remote Desktop Gateway?

Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) is a Windows Role Service through which you can connect to corporate or private networks from any device connected to internet.

SysKit - monitor connections made via RD Gateway to your Remote Dekstop Services.

SysKit – monitor connections made via Remote Desktop Gateway to your Remote Desktop Services.

Monitoring RD Gateway connections

Use SysKit (formerly Remote Desktop Gateway Monitor) to specify the types of events you want to monitor — for example, who is using your RD Gateway to access the corporate or private network.

You can even add multiple Remote Desktop Gateways and track user activity from all of them using a consolidated database.

Remote Desktop Gateway provides a point-to-point RDP connection, enabling you to control access to specific internal network resources. Since RD Gateway enables connections to remote computers across firewalls, RD Gateway monitoring can be tricky.

RD Gateway Event Types

Gateway reports provide real-time and historical data, for a complete logon history. Employee log on/off times can be monitored and user logs archived in one easy to manage central database.

With the help of SysKit, you can monitor your RD Gateway traffic to get an overview of:

  • Current user connections to the computers made via Remote Desktop Gateway.
  • Detailed connection log for a selected user—shows start, end, and total times for the connections made via RD Gateway in a specific session state.
  • User activities over time—first logon and last logoff time, total time connected via RD Gateway and time spent in different session states.
  • Source IP address for each user that connected via RD Gateway—when combined with a computer filter, you can pinpoint the exact computer a user had connected to.

SysKit can also help you when the resource usage level for a server is nearing its limit, when the number of sessions on a server has reached the warning or critical limit, or when critical services on servers have stopped or crashed.

Also, SysKit has other powerful features that can diagnose server performance problems, track system inventory,  monitor application usage on your servers and workstations and much more!

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