User Activity Monitoring

From Remote Desktop access to workstation usage, SysKit Monitor tracks the most important user activity from a single application interface.

Use SysKit Monitor to monitor users' activities on multiple servers or workstations.

Check remote access to Remote Desktop Services servers

Pinpoint users connecting via RDS from home or other remote locations. Gather user activity reports and display time spent in different user states, such as active, idle, or disconnected. With this information, you can validate remote access, sort connections by IP address or client name, and detect the location from which a certain user connected using their IP address.
Check user sessions and time spent on the system via the RDP and ICA protocols.

Analyze sessions running via RDP or ICA

SysKit Monitor tracks all users from the RDS and ICA, listing connected users as well as their time spent in each session and whether they are active or idle. Glance at the reports and quickly spot the most active and most idle users or drill down into the data and analyze every user per day and per server.

Track employee activity and generate billing reports

SysKit Monitor makes it possible for system admins to easily find out who’s connecting from which location, list all remote users with their IP addresses, and group IPs into subnets. When your users are employees or students connecting from home or off-campus, you can check whether these remote users are actively working or are in an idle session. Export employee activity reports and help your HR department calculate the cost per user by generating billing reports with actual working hours.

Use SysKit Monitor to track connections to your servers made via RD Gateway.

Monitor Remote Desktop Gateway connections

Do you know who, at what time, and from which IP uses your Remote Desktop Gateway to access your corporate network from the outside? SysKit creates a one-man-report job to measure, track, and monitor Remote Desktop Gateway sessions. To top it off, you can track these connections historically, as well as in real time.

Monitor user activities and connections made via Remote Desktop Session Host or the Citrix XenApp servers to get details for sessions running through the RDP or ICA protocol.
The most popular and frequently used reports are:

  • Session Log Summary – overview of all user connections
  • User Count Per Day – number of users connecting daily
  • Most Active Users by State – discover your most active users
  • IP Addresses and Clients – list of all clients, sorted by IP address
  • Concurrent Usage Reports – insights into simultaneous application usage

  • Examine our detailed screenshots to see how our tool makes employee monitoring much easier: