User Activity Monitoring

Monitor all your users from a single application interface, whether they are using Remote Desktop or workstation.

Have the most important user activity data in one place and generate reports easily.

Have an Instant Knowledge of Your Users Behavior and Activity

You can now monitor your users’ activity wherever they are connecting from. Easily see how much time they spend in each state (active, idle, or disconnected), network traffic they made, and even make billing reports with actual working hours.

Now you can monitor remote accesssort connections by IP address or client name, and detect location from which a certain user is connecting.



Analyze Sessions Running via ICA or RDP and Get a Reporting

Track all users from RDS and ICA, and have a list of connected users as well as their time spent in each session and their activity status.

Glance at the reports and quickly spot the most active or idle users or drill down into the data and analyze every user per day and per server.

Remote Desktop Gateway Connections Under Control

Do you know who, at what time, and from which IP uses your Remote Desktop Gateway to access your corporate network from the outside?

SysKit Monitor creates a report that measures, tracks, and monitors Remote Desktop Gateway sessions. To top it off, you can track these connections historically, as well as in real time.


User Monitoring Reports

SysKit Monitor has plenty of reports that will get you the information you need in seconds, and save you hours of manual work. The most popular and frequently used reports are listed below.

    • Session Log Summary – overview of all user connections
    • Session Log – see detailed user activity by session state
    • Most Active Users by State – discover your most active users
    • IP Addresses and Clients – list of all clients with their IP addresses
    • Concurrent Usage Reports – insights into user connections and sessions


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