Server performance monitoring

Powerful centralization
Monitor all your servers and workstations from a single console with every existing performance metric at your fingertips.
Tracking consistency
Track server performance metrics across your entire environment for specific server roles such as SQL, IIS, and SharePoint.
Real-time alerts
Get notified whenever something unusual happens on your servers or if any critical service stops. React quickly.

Divide your servers into logical groups

Syskit Monitor’s server groups let you divide your environment into logical server environments such as DEV, QA, or TEST, making it easier to monitor your system. 

Choose which actions apply for which servers so that the in-test patch doesn’t accidentally apply to a production server group. 

The Syskit Monitor advantage

Apps and desktop

Track virtual apps and desktop utilization.

SQL performance

Audit SQL performance and database latency.


Monitor Hyper-V performance.

Provide optimal server usage to your end users with Syskit Monitor.

Find out why page load issues occur and solve problems quickly.