Server Performance Monitoring

With every existing performance metric at your fingertips, we help you monitor all your servers and workstations from a single console!

Monitor crucial server performance counters

Monitor user and application performance, and processes that are running on your Windows Servers. In case you need to go deeper into the data, detailed Server Analysis allows you to track specific performance metrics for SharePoint and SQL, such as number of transactions or number of users accessing SharePoint farms. You can also monitor specific performance metrics for all other server roles like Citrix or Exchange.

Check out what server performance data SysKit Monitor provides you with:

  • CPU utilization
  • Memory usage
  • Disk utilization and free space
  • Network bandwidth
  • Specific counters such as SQL transactions, IIS authenticated users, Citrix Licensing, etc.
  • Real-time and historical alerts

Get a full overview of all SysKit Monitor alerts over time.

Receive real-time alerts and restart services automatically

Receive alerts whenever something unusual happens on your servers. Alerts provide you with valuable information, giving you enough time to react. For example, when SQL Server disk space nears its limit, SysKit Monitor alerts you before the DBs stop working. Or, if any critical service stops, SysKit Monitor triggers an alert and tries to restart that service.

Check all important performance logs at once

Stay informed about your overall system status with built-in performance dashboards. Work with real-time data about your server health status, see if there are any critical performance metrics, browse alerts logs, and much more. It’s easy to spot critical servers, services, and counters due to red icons. Just double-click on any of them in order to drill deeper and pinpoint the exact issue.

Monitor server activity in real time via SysKit Monitor Web App.

Monitoring and reporting available anytime and anywhere!

You need to be able to access your mission-critical environment reports on the go at any time. The SysKit Monitor web application is reachable from any device with internet connection and web browser. You can access all the reports you need, and use filtering options the same way as in the desktop app.
  • Examine our screenshots to see how SysKit Monitor makes server performance monitoring much easier: