Monitoring Citrix
XenApp performance

Monitoring the performance of your Citrix XenApp farms is crucial for maintaining solid system continuity. In order to manage the XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure efficiently, you should be able to detect performance slowdowns on your Citrix servers easily. The most common bottlenecks that cause poor Citrix services performance are: desktop connectivity failures, applications responding slowly or unavailable to launch.

Monitoring Citrix <br/>XenApp performance

Monitoring Citrix XenApp Performance

Review Citrix server performance

Many Citrix environments encounter one common issue, and that is lack of simple server monitoring. Reporting XenApp/XenDesktop Citrix server performance is a must for a efficient work. The most important metrics to monitor on Citrix are CPU and memory usage, network and disk utilization, and user and application performance statistics.

Explore XenApp performance counter values

Every counter value is a potential threat to the peacefulness of the event log. Therefore each of them should be examined thoroughly as soon as you can get to it. This comes in handy to detect trends in each counter’s behavior, to detect possible system issues on time, and to prevent bigger problems. With Citrix servers, CPU is the most interesting performance counter to monitor.

Monitoring users and apps on Citrix XenApp

Besides monitoring Citrix servers, monitor apps as well. Values to examine would include: most-used applications, the number of users per application, the number of started app instances, concurrent app usage, etc. For applications running on your Citrix XenApp Server, CPU and Memory usage, IO and Disk performance values are important metrics to follow. Keep them in check and your end users will be happy with a seamless system connectivity.

Monitor the logging of users on your Citrix servers. Check user’s logons and logoffs, get information on session duration and frequency, and watch the amount of time spent in different session states to identify the most active or idle users. Check application usage by user and detect your system interrupters.

Citrix server monitoring solution: the SysKit

This tool creates valuable reports on each Citrix XenApp server performance counter in real-time. It also offers a more detailed overview of each counter in different time ranges. Use it to get a clear and complete understanding of your Citrix environment.

With this powerful features monitoring your Windows RDS will be a piece of cake.


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