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Keep optimal levels of collaboration, security, and productivity in your remote work environment

The Most Common Modern Workplace Challenges in a Remote Environment

Lack of Security Transparency


Lack of a centralized overview of who has access to what and who’s done what.


office 365 governance icon

Self-creation, inactive content, and lack of governance cause cluttered tenants.

Unstructured Licensing Processes

Specific User Audit

Undefined processes lead to potential security breaches and unauthorized access.

Shadow IT and Low Adoption

Office 365 user engagement

Without proper adoption and user training, businesses risk shadow IT and low ROI.

Unfair Employee Rewards

remote work monitoring - fair rewards for the effort

If not tracked properly, remote workers’ efforts could be unfairly

Bad Server Performance


Overload of available resources can cause poor server performance and affect user productivity.

Risk of Security Breaches

Office 365 security

With remote work and unsafe internet connections, there is a high chance of security breaches.

Enterprise Tools for Every Remote Work Scenario

SysKit Point Is the Ultimate Tool for Microsoft Teams Monitoring

Painless Implementation of Microsoft Teams:

  • SysKit Point helps businesses who have decided to implement Microsoft Teams into their Office 365 system.
  • With Point, it is simple to add guests, members, and owners in bulk to a new team.
  • You can also see if a new team is created, which provides an extra layer of transparency, so you don’t end up having clutter.
  • Moreover, you can easily offboard a team member, owner, or external user by removing their access from the Teams user access report.

Manage inactive Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and sites

Get an overview of all Office 365 audit logs

Guarantee Security of Sensitive Data in Microsoft Teams:

  • SysKit Point tracks every admin, user, and guest user action from a team down to the file level.
  • It collects the most important audit logs and displays every membership, channel, file, or configuration change in a simple report.
  • Whatever goes wrong, you can rely on audit reports to detect the issue in a second.
  • You can also track guest access to teams in a dedicated report and keep their access within the limits of the project they are working on.

Ensure Microsoft Teams Adoption:

  • SysKit Point monitors Microsoft Teams activity and tracks which teams have been active and which have been unused.
  • It gives a clear picture of which remote users are using the approved tool and which are possibly using alternative tools, creating a lack of transparency.
  • Point can easily visualize and analyze how the entire organization or specific departments utilize Microsoft Teams.
  • You can explore Microsoft Teams channel and chat activities, as well as the meeting habits of your employees in one centralized dashboard.

Microsoft Teams analytics-meetings

Todd Klindt

SysKit Point helps you see what is shared

Todd Klindt
SharePoint Architect, Microsoft MVP

“Once I get a customer all nestled into their shiny new Office 365 tenant, the first thing they ask is ‘how do I see what is shared?’ My answer is always, ‘SysKit Point’.”

SysKit Point: By far the easiest tool to use

Frans Kluijtmans
Senior System Administrator, Royal Mosa

“For Managing and Documenting the security of our SharePoint Online environment, by far the best and easiest tool to use.”

SysKit Monitor Is the All-In-One Remote Work Monitoring Tool

Ensure Security for Sensitive Data:
SysKit Monitor successfully monitors remote access, login and logout time, and RDP activity.
• It sorts connections by IP address or client name and detects the location from which an individual user is connecting.



Provide the Deserved Salary and Time off:
SysKit Monitor tracks your users’ activity whenever they are connected.
• Monitor easily shows how much time remote users spend in each state (active, idle, or disconnected) and make resource cost reports with their working hours.

Keep Consistent Productivity:
SysKit Monitor tracks real-time performance for server apps and predicts future problems.
• It collects performance metrics such as CPU usage for each application and user, memory usage for each application and user, and server bandwidth.

Quickly detect performance logs on the apps with real-time app monitoring.

SysKit Monitor: It is a must-have product

Neil Cheshire
IT Systems Manager, The Chase School

“I wouldn’t consider not using it when running a Citrix platform. SysKit Monitor is a must-have product.”


We use SysKit Monitor daily

David Kahn
Citrix Admin, SUNY Oswego

“We use SysKit Monitor daily to monitor our Citrix XenDesktop/App environment. It has enabled us to be proactive resolving issues before they start.


SysKit Monitor is valuable for RDS

Guido Beijderwellen
Sr Infrastructure Analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Northwest Europe

“SysKit Monitor is a very valuable extension for Remote Desktop Servers. Full reporting facilities and quick tasks are vital functions for managing Microsoft RDS environments.”