Custom Reports

SysKit allows you to create custom reports tailored to your specific needs. Listed for download here are the custom reports that we have created for our clients. To import the report definitions from your local or network drive, please follow these instructions.

Please note: SysKit versions from 8.3 and onwards enable the Custom Reports to be downloaded and imported directly through the SysKit application.
Custom Report Description Report Definitions
Screen Resolutions by Client Name This SysKit custom report lists the screen resolution for each of the client machines connecting to the server, showing you which clients are using each screen resolution. Custom Reports
Apps by Farms Use SysKit to view a complete inventory of what is installed on any server or workstation that you monitor with the “Apps by Farms” custom report. You can generate custom security patch reports for multiple SharePoint Farms. Custom Reports
Not Connected to Servers To list all the users who did not connect to the Remote Desktop Services server via RDP on a particular day or period, use the “Not Connected to Servers” custom report. Custom Reports
Performance Billing This SysKit custom report helps you to keep track of hardware resources used and when users first logged on and last logged off from the server to create an accurate performance bill. Custom Reports
Users Accessed in Non-working Hours Pinpoint the users who remotely logged on to the company’s servers during non-working hours. Audit the computers they logged on to for any security or company policy breaches. Custom Reports
Gateway Sessions User Count Per Day Discover the number of unique users who were connecting via the Remote Desktop Gateway to a computer in a selected time interval. Custom Reports
Application Usage History
(Without Time Range Limit)
Audit the application usage by user and different states without 92 days time range limit on date range filter. The Application Usage History – No Time Range Limit report is presented in a log format. Custom Reports