User Activity Monitoring – Have an Instant Knowledge of Your Users Behavior and Activity

SysKit Monitor allows you to monitor the most important user activity data in one
place and generate reports

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Why is SysKit Monitor an excellent user activity monitoring and reporting tool?

Monitor user activities in real time, see how much time they spend in each state, network traffic they made and more.

Monitor remote access, sort connections by IP address or client name and detect location from which a user is connecting.

Track all users from RDS and ICA, have a list of connected users as well as their time spent in each session and their activity status.

Keep your Remote Desktop Gateway connections under control, track them historically, as well in real time.


Check remote access to Remote Desktop Servers

SharePoint Permissions

Detect users connecting from remote locations. Generate reports showing time spent in different states (e.g., active, idle, disconnected).

View sessions running
via RDP

Web Access

Monitor all sessions on your RDS. Get data
on each user per day, per server, and per state
or check the activity timeline to
get more details on users.

Audit employee activity
on server

User Statistics

Track and audit employee activity
on sessions running on ICA, the Remote Desktop Protocol and keep track of users’
logons and logoffs.

Try out SysKit Monitor and check all of its features!

    • User activity monitoring

Monitor all your users from a single application interface, whether they are using Remote Desktop or workstation.

    • Analyze Application Usage

Get a complete overview of when and which applications are being used across your environment.

    • Server Performance Monitoring

Track server performance metrics for specific server roles such as SQL, IIS, and SharePoint.