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SysKit Monitor – A powerful server documentation tool

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Get a full performance overview of your entire monitoring environment.

How can SysKit Monitor help you deal with server documentation?

  • Document your complete server infrastructure
  • Compare IT assets over different servers and periods
  • Track all changes within your server environment
  • Import or create and run your own PowerShell scripts
  • Export server documentation to Excel or PDF to make it more presentable for your end clients

Write your own PowerShell scripts or import them from our side.

Generate Detailed Server Documentation

Consolidate full server documentation of your environment using PowerShell scripts that you can import or write yourself. Apply scripts to multiple servers and groups to automate all repetitive tasks, saving hours of work. Gather all the server data imaginable and present it professionally to your end users in Excel or Word format.

Compare Server Configuration Through Time

Compare Server Configuration Through Time

Compare your current server configuration with configurations at different points in time to detect all modifications. Audit harmful and undocumented changes, such as disabled sync service or group policy changes made by your colleagues or others. Restore fault configurations to the last working settings using PowerShell.

Compare Server Documentation Over Different Servers

Compare Server Documentation Over Different Servers

Compare any two servers within your monitoring environment to perform patch management in just a few minutes. Track the number of successfully performed SQL jobs to learn which servers need improvement or determine the availability of applications on servers for better resource management.

Automatically document entire server environment using a single console

WEB IKONE 75X75-06

Produce detailed server documentation for support and maintenance jobs, such as server resource management.

WEB IKONE 75X75-13

Detect configuration changes, such as different DNS addresses that could hurt your production environment.


Quickly perform patch management or export proven server configurations to use on other servers.

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Have all different server technologies, such as VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix, or SharePoint, documented in one place.

Fully automate your server documentation now!

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All the server monitoring data you need is collected and presented using one tool

WEB IKONE 75X75-01

Monitor and audit user activity and application usage on your servers.


Monitor real-time server performance metrics and receive event alerts.

WEB IKONE 75X75-11

Never find yourself over- or under-licensed with license usage reports.

Live server monitoring-24

Audit user logons and your file access log to detect security breaches.


This tool is very valuable to me

Nathan Andersen
IT Manager, AArete

“With SysKit Monitor I can really see when particular resources were being maxed out for a period of time. This tool is very valuable to me.”


It is a must-have product

Neil Cheshire
IT Systems Manager, The Chase School

“This should be a part of Citrix. I wouldn’t consider not using it when running a Citrix platform. SysKit Monitor is a must-have product.”


Makes IT management easier

Bradley J. Dinerman
Microsoft MVP Security, CISSP, Ph.D., Fieldbrook Solutions

“SysKit Monitor allowed me to keep an active eye on what is happening on my Terminal Servers – who is logged on and from where, which applications they are running and much, much more.”


It surpassed our expectations

John Rogan
CIO / Engineer, NexServ Technologies Inc.

“SysKit Monitor was easy to implement and offered regular updates. The company provides exceptional support and fulfills our compliance auditing needs at a fantastic price.”

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Audit user logons and your file access log to detect security breaches.

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