Monitor server performance, user activity, application usage, and system inventory

SysKit Monitor - a Powerful Enterprise Server Monitoring Tool

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Why use SysKit Monitor to track your servers and workstations?

Monitor server performance in real-time

Collect data from all your servers using one console

Detect server problems and their causes on time

Monitor employee activity on servers

Customize reports according to your needs

Track application and license usage

Monitor your Windows and Citrix server performance

SysKit Monitor collects and presents all the server monitoring data you need

Server Performance

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor all your servers and workstations from a single console with every existing performance metric at your fingertips!

User and Application Performance Monitoring


Monitor specific user and application performance or processes that are running on your Windows Servers to provide optimal performance.

Receive Real-Time

bell alert

Receive real-time alerts whenever something unusual happens to avoid and stop potential problems at early stages.

Give SysKit Monitor a try and check out all its features!

    • User Activity Monitoring

Monitor all your users from a single application interface, whether they are using Remote Desktop or workstation.

    • Analyze Application Usage

Get a complete overview of when and which applications are being used across your environment.

    • Server Performance Monitoring

Track server performance metrics for specific server roles such as SQL, IIS, and SharePoint.