File System Audit Tool for Windows
Remote Desktop Services

Get a deeper insight into exactly who is accessing or modifying your
Windows file and folder structure and protect possible sensitive data breaches.

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Audit Files Efficiently With SysKit Monitor

Immediately get a deeper insight on exactly who’s accessing and modifying sensitive data in your environment.

Examine failed logons to your RDS Host to get all the relevant information you need to assess the threat.

Track every user activities on file system such as read, write, append, and delete actions.

Protect company servers from attacks and security breaches by detecting and blocking potentially malicious IP addresses.


File & Folder Audit Reports

File and Folder Audit

Know exactly who’s accessing and modifying sensitive data in your environment. All gathered data can be filtered by date range, servers, users, security groups.

Server Restart Log

Restart Log

Track all events and determine
why the server was restarted,
which user initiated the restart, and
what caused the server to shut down.

Blocking Malicious IP 's

Blocking IP Adress

In case of a number of failed attempts to connect, SysKit Monitor will block the IP address. This has proven to be more efficient than blocking the URL or domain name.

A must-have tool for every system administrator

    • User activity monitoring

Monitor all your users from a single application interface, whether they are using Remote Desktop or workstation.

    • Analyze Application Usage

Get a complete overview of when and which applications are being used across your environment.

    • Server Performance Monitoring

Track server performance metrics for specific server roles such as SQL, IIS, and SharePoint.