Remote Work is Easy, Secure, and Effective with SysKit Monitor

Besides the obvious benefits of remote work, such as flexibility and reduced commuting time, there are also some challenges that both remote users and employers face.

SysKit Monitor is a tool that solves those challenges by monitoring user activity on Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

Ensure Security for Sensitive Data

Remote employees can work from any place where there’s an internet connection. However, not every internet connection is safe. It’s crucial to ensure that your company’s sensitive and confidential information is secure no matter where your employees work or what device they use.

SysKit Monitor successfully monitors remote access, login and logout time, and RDP activity. It sorts connections by IP address or client name, and detects the location from which an individual user is connecting.

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Provide the Deserved Salary and Time Off

Employees that work from home enjoy the benefit of structuring their work around their home lives. However, when you have a lot of employees working non-standard hours, it’s a challenge to reasonably issue paid time off and bill their salaries.

SysKit Monitor tracks your users’ activity whenever they are connected. Easily see how much time remote users spend in each state (active, idle, or disconnected) and make resource cost reports with their working hours.

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Keep Consistent Productivity

Today, when a lot of employees work remotely, it’s important to understand the performance of your servers and know their limits. An overload of available resources can cause poor server performance. If you don’t detect those issues in time and scale up your farm, it can badly affect your users’ productivity and performance.

SysKit Monitor tracks real-time performance for server apps and predicts future problems. It collects performance metrics such as CPU usage for each application and user, memory usage for each application and user, and server bandwidth. 

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SysKit Monitor is valuable for RDS

Guido Beijderwellen
Sr Infrastructure Analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Northwest Europe

“SysKit Monitor is a very valuable extension for Remote Desktop Servers. Full reporting facilities and quick tasks are vital functions for managing Microsoft RDS environments.”

SysKit Monitor: It is a must-have product

Neil Cheshire
IT Systems Manager, The Chase School

“I wouldn’t consider not using it when running a Citrix platform. SysKit Monitor is a must-have product.”


We use SysKit Monitor daily

David Kahn
Citrix Admin, SUNY Oswego

“We use SysKit Monitor daily to monitor our Citrix XenDesktop/App environment. It has enabled us to be proactive resolving issues before they start.

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