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Redgate investment in Syskit: Looking forward to accelerating our growth plans

We are happy to start 2018 with exciting news - Redgate Investments has made an investment in our company!

We are announcing that we have sold our SQL Manager business to Redgate Software and that Redgate Investments has made an investment in our company.

For the last nine years, we have been working hard on creating high-quality products to make the jobs of thousands of SharePoint, TS, Citrix, SQL, and Windows admins across the globe easier. With the right mix of quality software, fair price, amazing support, and marketing activities, we became a profitable and successful company. Croatia may be a small country, but it’s famous for its tech industry, which makes us even more proud of what we have achieved over the years.

Nevertheless, we believe that we can make Syskit an even better company with even better products and learn a lot from the other successful software companies and their way of doing business. Redgate was always one of our role models. While we were trying to find our place in the market, we looked up to Redgate. Today we are happy and proud to have them alongside us to help accelerate our growth plans by applying their best practice, ensuring that we become strategically stronger. 

We’ve come a long way in eight years, and we already employ more than 40 people and have more than 3,000 public sector and corporate customers across the globe. The investment from Redgate is more than financial, because they bring with them their knowledge and skills in creating and selling software to the same kind of customers we want to talk to. That, for us, is the real value they bring to the table.

Toni Frankola, Syskit Co-Founder and CEO 

Simon Galbraith, CEO of Redgate Software and Redgate Investments, agrees.

Syskit has built a strong reputation, in particular for the solutions it develops for the SharePoint environment. The investment means we can help them concentrate on that market and grow faster by sharing our own experience in developing a strong, sustainable business

The acquisition of Syskit SQL Manager 

Two years ago, we decided to apply a few features from our SharePoint administration tool SPDockit to build a new SQL Server administration tool. We were aware of the size and maturity of the SQL market today and much larger vendors with a rich portfolio of SQL Server tools. But this hasn’t stopped us in our mission to enter the SQL market and get noticed in the SQL community. Even though Syskit SQL Manager (previously SQLDocKit) was a new tool, we believed that SQL admins and consultants would find it helpful in their daily SQL environment administration tasks. As always, we continued to listen to them and worked hard at adding new features and making improvements to the tool until Redgate approached us to express their interest in purchasing it.

Redgate liked our technology and believed they could find a better home for our bits of code. Even though we are not in the business of selling entire products to other companies, we worked with Red Gate on that deal, and together we made a deal that makes sense for both sides.

Toni Frankola, Syskit Co-Founder and CEO 

Redgate acquired SQL Manager to enhance its line-up of SQL Server tools with our data discovery and classification tool. Redgate has been extending its SQL Server toolset to cover every part of Database DevOps and sees data privacy and protection as the next big challenge for SQL Server users. They will relaunch the newly renamed SQL Estate Manager in 2018 alongside its award-winning portfolio of SQL Server tools.

Syskit’s focus for the future 

In terms of Syskit’s future plans, we will concentrate on what we are doing best, and that is SharePoint. We are planning big things and look forward to offering new products to our existing and potential customers. With the investment from Redgate, we will be able to expand our team further, purchase new tools, and introduce innovative ways regarding how we market and sell our products.

We look forward to revealing some exciting new product lines in 2018. 🙂

Syskit folks who make the best SharePoint and Office 365 administration tools

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