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New in Syskit Point: Security alerts, license reports, and adoption metrics

We have prepared some delightful new features in a new version of Syskit Point!

Check out how SysKit Point 18.0. can improve your budget, drive ROI, and automate security.

Automate security with Point alerts

An IBM study showed that the average time to detect and contain a data breach is 280 days. So, how can companies cut the detection time, respond faster, and reduce costs? Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) technologies might be the answer to that problem.

We, at Syskit Point wanted to help you tackle those Office 365 security challenges and make your tenant bulletproof with a new security automation feature – Security alerts!

all point alerts

The alerts will help you act proactively on suspicious actions and prevent severe problems. Syskit Point lets your owners configure alerts for their teams, groups, and sites making them reliable partners in securing company content and minimizing risky sharing. It is all done in two clicks without requiring any additional administrative privileges.

With Syskit Point security alerts, you can automate regular checkups on suspicious activities by receiving timely notifications directly to your email.

Each notification contains critical information to figure out what happened on the spot without having to log into Point and search for details. That’s why they’re equally useful to your admins and content owners.

security alert notification with actions

Syskit Point’s multiple security alerts will help you keep an eye on:

  • external collaboration
  • group membership changes
  • changes in team, group, and site settings
  • user activities
  • sharing across the environment
  • file activities

Customize permission review policies

Syskit Point enables you to schedule regular access reviews empowering your owners to take responsibility for their content security. Syskit Point sends automated tasks to owners’ emails to complete the access governance tasks. They need to review access for their owners and members and validate sharing across their teams, groups, or sites. The streamlined wizard leads them through the process in a couple of steps.

And now, from this version, you can go fully custom! Let Syskit Point help you increase the overall security in your tenant by creating multiple permission review policies and have them applied to selected sites, teams and groups.

permission review policy - select sites

For instance, security rules may vary from department to department. HR might have stricter rules than the Marketing department, taking into account they’re holding sensitive information about employees. So, with this customization, you can choose the level of the access review you want your content owners to perform.

Syskit Point will guide you to create permission review templates based on your needs. For each permission review policy, you can define:

  • The owner who will be responsible for the review process
  • The type of content that needs to be reviewed (internally or externally shared content, groups, teams, or the entire content)
  • The specific sites, teams and groups to apply the policy
  • The interval of how often the review needs to occur
new permissions review policy

Regularly audit your sensitive content, lift the burden from your IT team, and delegate the responsibility to the ones with the best operational knowledge.

Cut costs with Office 365 license management reports

Companies around the world are losing money each day on underutilized Office 365 licenses. Identifying those mismanaged licenses is the key to cutting costs, a KPI every business should strive to.

With the new Syskit Point licensing reports you will gain deeper insight into your Microsoft 365 license consumption and overall spending. With this accurate reporting, it’s easy to oversee your company license costs and never again lose money.


  • License usage,
  • Unassigned licenses,
  • Underutilized licenses,
  • Licenses that can be reallocated or degraded to a lower-cost edition.
office 365 license overview

Without a proper offboarding mechanism, admins may forget to remove a license from a person who left the company. With the new Point licensing reports, it’s easy to reclaim licenses assigned to inactive, blocked, or deleted users and optimize license cost.

office 365 inactive licenses

Not only will this save the company budget, but it will show which services might not have reached its full potential and require additional adoption effort.

Drive ROI with Office 365 adoption and analytics reports

With the modern M365 workplace and great collaboration comes great responsibility. Having a plethora of tools and apps at your disposal, IT leaders can easily lose focus on things that matter such as adoption and performance monitoring. Without the proper adoption implementation, organizations can’t reach the desired ROI and effective collaboration level.

With the latest version of Syskit Point analytics reports, you can easily visualize and analyze how the entire organization or specific departments utilize different Office 365 services.

office 365 adoption by department

You can explore SharePoint Online activity and content usage, Microsoft Teams channel and chat activities, as well as the meeting habits of your employees in one centralized dashboard.

Microsoft Teams analytics - meetings

Get answers to the important adoption-related questions in just two clicks:

  • Are people visiting company pages and reading the important news?
  • Did I ensure proper adoption of Microsoft Teams?
  • What is the preferred way of communication for my teams?
  • Who are my Microsoft Teams champions?
  • Which devices do my employees use?
SharePoint analytics

Syskit Point offers prolonged data retention that goes for up to one year so you can align it with your compliance policies. Keeping track of trends and changes in user activities will help you mitigate adoption challenges and increase personal productivity and collaboration between M365 users.

In addition, using Syskit Point analytics reports, you can easily give your content owners a deep understanding over their content usage and empower them to make better decisions.

SharePoint documents analytics

By simply logging into Syskit Point, they will get detailed reports on their teams and groups activities. If you want to see how it works firsthand – schedule a demo!

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