Monitoring User Activity on Terminal Server with SysKit Monitor

How to do proper user activity monitoring on terminal server? We suggest using SysKit Monitor.

SysKit Monitor is an agentless server-monitoring solution designed as a single application for all your servers and platforms. Add a server or client workstations and then view your complete infrastructure in one intuitive console.

SysKit offers the following system monitoring capabilities:

  • Track remote access to Remote Desktop Services
  • Monitor employee and remote user activity on servers
  • View sessions running via Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA or VMware PCoIP protocol
  • Monitor connections to your servers made via RD Gateway

How to efficiently do user activity monitoring on terminal server?

SysKit Monitor helps you efficiently monitor terminal server user activity. It retrieves the most important information on server user activities and user sessions, which lets you generate the following access reports:

  • Monitor terminal server logons and logoffs
  • Track user activities by different states – for example, active, idle, disconnected, and remote control (shadowing on Citrix)
  • Track time spent in different session states
  • View the number of unique users connecting to the server in a selected time interval
  • Centralized location of user access logs for all your terminal servers

How to generate, export, and schedule Session Log Summary report

Here is an example of how you can use SysKit Monitor Session Log Summary report to monitor terminal server user activity over the course of a day.  You can find the Session Log Summary report in the SysKit Monitor User Reports group. It gives you insights into the most important data about your environment and your remote users.

You can even use SysKit Monitor to automatically generate payroll reports that will be automatically delivered to you or your employees via email.

To get started, launch SysKit Monitor and navigate to User Reports > Summary Reports > Session Log Summary.

Monitor user activity on terminal server - Session Log Summary

Now you can see who is connected, from which computer(s), when they connected, how long they were connected to the servers, and more. These reports display user activities over the course of a day or a selected date range

To export this report, click Export in the Reports ribbon and select the desired format (PDF, CSV, XSLX, HTML).

To schedule this user activity summary report, or any other report in SysKit Monitor, follow these instructions:

      1. Configure e-mail settings in the options to set up your SMTP server, sender email address, and authentication (if needed).
      2. Open the report you wish to subscribe to.
      3. In the Reports ribbon, click Schedule This Report.
      4. Enter the subscription name and select delivery methods, email deliver settings and delivery period.
      5. In the Subscription wizard, click Reports to view additional settings for your report scheduling. Then double click the individual report to customize it.
      6. When you are finished with the scheduling options, click Save & Send Now, and the first report from yesterday will be delivered to your mailbox.

Monitor user activity on terminal server - New report subscription


What SysKit Monitor can do for you

SysKit Monitor is a server-monitoring and reporting tool for various system environments. It can monitor an entire IT infrastructure and track user activities from a single console. SysKit supports: Windows servers and clients, Citrix XenApp, Remote Desktop Services, and RD Gateway.

SysKit Monitor lets you track server user activities, audit application usage, and monitor server performance in real-time with detailed data on CPU and memory usage, disk performance, and servers and workstations. It is also available as a fully featured web application which means you can access it from any browser, including Chrome, Firefox, and IE, or any mobile device.

For more information and licensing options, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like to learn more about SysKit Monitor and its features, you can request a demo, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Download SysKit Monitor and start your free 30-day trial now!

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