What’s New – 6.1

SPDocKit 6.1 is live, are you ready to explore it? Let’s see which novelties our hard-working team prepared this time. This version brings a new Role Based Security feature, MinRole compliancy, new Permission Differences compare, SPCAF reports for SharePoint customizations and more. Don’t forget – it supports SharePoint 2016!

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MinRole Compliancy for SharePoint Server 20166.1

SharePoint Server 2016 brings a new MinRole feature for defining a server’s role in a farm topology. SPDocKit now supports this feature and shows your servers sorted according to the assigned MinRole (Front-End, Application, Distributed Cache, Search, Custom) in the Farm Topology, server lists and in other reports. Under Best Practices, you will also find the MinRole Compliancy report, which helps administrators to identify quickly which services on servers are not compliant with the server’s given MinRole.

Track Permission Differences across a Site Collection6.1

Now you can easily examine all permission changes and differences for a selected Site Collection between two snapshots. It shows all the details down to the list item level, so you won’t miss anything important. This report shows an overview of any permissions that have been granted or removed, changes in permission inheritance, the removal or addition of SharePoint objects and changes in the principal’s AD status.

Content Type Hub and Reports6.1

Site Explorer brings some novelties. We have updated the Site Explorer documentation and the Content Types Hierarchy report. Until now, you could check which content was custom made by a user or was a default but now it also shows which Content Type has been published from the Content Type hub.

SPCAF reports6.1

If you have ever found yourself asking how you can protect your SharePoint environment from bad customizations, we have a solution! Now you can use reports developed by the SPCAF team directly from SPDocKit to easily check the code quality of your SharePoint Farm customizations through charts and diagrams.

Role Based Security6.1

We decided to create this advanced security feature to help admins take control and allow them to define different SPDocKit access levels. Users and groups can be assigned to specific roles based on elements of SPDocKit or based on SharePoint site collection permissions.

Filtering tuned up6.1

When cruising through SPDocKit reports, you will see that there is an extra option in the Principals filter area, we like to call it “the Megafilters”. It comes with a possibility of searching by the display name, username (domain) or email.