What’s New – 5.3

Say hello to the improved SPDocKit – 5.3 and all its new features. The new version supports SharePoint 2016 Preview and comes with AutoSPInstaller Configuration File Wizard. To ensure even better tracking of all SharePoint permissions, we added a couple of new permissions improvements, reports and live compare option. Check it out. You’ll be impressed!

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AutoSPInstaller XML File Generator5.3

Follow the SPDocKit’s AutoSPInstaller wizard, create an XML configuration file, load the generated file to the AutoSPInstaller, and you are ready for the new SharePoint farm installation.

Permissions Improvements5.3

Save time by adding group members during the creation of the SharePoint group. Set up a new group settings, select group members, choose their permission level, and the new group is ready.

Get an overview of all groups, including the ones that have no permissions on the current object but exist on your Site Collection.

Clone and Transfer wizards now have a wider scope. Target the entire Web Application, and select source and destination principal(s) to clone or transfer permissions to.

Extension Manager5.3

With this new feature we are taking SPDocKit to the next level. Using an extensions framework, we are able to ship exciting features as Plugins, which you can easily install and update.

SharePoint 2016 Preview Support5.3

We are excited to announce that SPDocKit supports a SharePoint 2016 Preview. Give it a try and send us your feedback and suggestions so that we can add new features and improvements in the future.

Compare Permissions Live5.3

Yes we know, loading permissions could take a while. To make your life easier SPDocKit’s Permissions Compare Wizard now shows the permissions differences live. No need to load snapshots first.

New Permissions Reports5.3

Check out Groups With Disabled Owner and using the Clean Site Collection Wizard quickly replace the disabled principal with the new one.

Find out which groups is certain principal member of using the new Group Report Member Of. List SharePoint Groups Without Users to see which groups are unnecessarily cluttering up your site collections and easily remove this groups.

New Best Practices Report5.3

Optimize the number of app pools per web server. Using the Number of Application Pools Report determine whether you have more than 10 IIS application pools per web front end server.