What’s New – 5.1

June 2015

After the outstanding release of SPDocKit 5, we welcome the new and improved SPDocKit heir – 5.1. To keep up the good work of its precursor, 5.1 comes with some impressive new features. An improved site explorer, new content type and workflow reports, and backing up .wsp files are just some of them. Download, try it and be amazed!

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Updated Site Explorer5.1

To an end user, a SharePoint structure and hierarchy can be quite fuzzy and sometimes confusing. SPDocKit’s site explorer takes care of that confusion. It shows the SharePoint architecture in the simplest way, without omitting any key information. The grouping and branching of items is clearly shown, which saves you a lot of time and stress.

Best Practices Reports5.1

It’s common knowledge that SharePoint is progressive but somewhat delicate technology. For optimal operation, you will need to fine tune it by following best practices. And we’ve got just what you need – our new model DB and temp DB best practices reports are ready to use!

Create Workflow Reports5.1

Using workflows is a great way to manage your organization’s common business processes. But as the number of processes and users involved grows, managing those workflows becomes dreadful. Use our new workflow reports to retrieve all workflow templates in SharePoint and gather info about their associations.

Compare Wizard5.1

The compare wizard has proven to be a very useful feature to many of our customers. To enhance the overall user experience, we’ve decided to upgrade it and establish new comparison options. Now you can compare your SharePoint to default settings and optimize your current SharePoint farm configuration.

Content Type Reports5.1

A SharePoint environment can be quite complex. Keeping track of content spread across multiple libraries is sometimes impossible. Luckily with SPDocKit’s content type usage and hierarchy reports you can get a clear understanding of which content types are used where and save yourself a ton of trouble.

Check the .wsp files deployment5.1

Many SharePoint admins and especially consultants use .wsp files when creating custom SharePoint solutions. Even basic workflows can be deployed in this way. It is important to back-up those solutions safely. With SPDocKit, you can do this precisely and even validate the accuracy of your solution deployment. Match deployed assemblies on SharePoint with the ones in the solution file.

New Load Wizard5.1

To make our solution even more accessible, faster and easier to use, we’ve improved the loading wizard. There are three types of load: default, advanced and full load. Choose between them and enjoy the ride.