Protect your Microsoft 365 environment and improve your overall Office 365 security

Syskit Point increases your Microsoft 365 security by giving you the tools you need to secure and oversee your entire environment, from Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, to SharePoint.

With Syskit Point, you can clearly see everything in your environment, manage access and external sharing in Microsoft 365, proactively prevent security breaches, and get timely and relevant alerts. And you can do all of this quickly and easily from a single centralized platform — no more jumping from one admin center to the next and losing precious time.

Easy M365 access management
Grant, remove, copy, transfer, or edit user access with ease and get all the information you need about permissions and membership in one platform.
Manage external and guest users
Easily prevent unauthorized access to your data by completely controlling external access throughout Microsoft 365, from OneDrive to SharePoint management.
Complete sharing control
Get all the information you need about external sharing in SharePoint and your entire Microsoft 365 environment from one platform.
Easy alerts setup and customization
Create the alerting system you need and prevent security issues proactively by receiving alerts with critical details directly in your inbox.

Business benefits

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Lower operational costs thanks to streamlined and automated access management processes.
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Improved decision-making with accurate and timely data on public workspaces, external sharing links, and guest user access.
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IT Managers

Increased efficiency and productivity of the IT team due to automating access management tasks and reducing time spent on identifying and resolving oversharing issues.

Your success is our mission

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Accelerate time to value

Save money by avoiding custom development and reduce the time spent on resolving oversharing issues by 75%, according to internal research on a company with 10,000 users and an IT team of 10.
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You can count on us

A dedicated CSM and support team will be there to help you succeed in no time, with no hidden costs.
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Simple, scalable platform

Grow without complex installations and integrations. Upgrade easily and anytime.
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Stay ahead of the curve

Improve the efficiency of modern workspace and enforce secure cloud collaboration.

How Syskit Point helps with Microsoft 365

Discover how Syskit Point has helped customers worldwide solve their daily M365 challenges


Fast, responsive, helpful, friendly, and open for suggestions – that’s how I would describe the Syskit team. And the tool – works flawlessly from day one, giving us great governance and security benefits for our Teams!”

Robert Preskar Head of IT projects, ERP, and digitalization

The best thing about Syskit is the people. There are very few software providers willing to implement your ideas directly, and that's really important to us.

Anton Dorfmann, CMS & Collaboration Manager, Loacker

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and it would be impossible to run reports that give an overview of users, groups, and what they have access to without Syskit Point.

Ulfar Helgason, Director IT & IS Coripharma

Syskit Point reviews

“Product support responsiveness is very high and with their help you can map easier this tool on your company processes.”
Florian R. Read all reviews on Capterra
“I really like the features – having the ability to replace permissions easily is a huge benefit. It provides great reporting and the customer service is the best.”
Janice L. Read all reviews on Capterra
“Overall my experience has been superb. We needed a tool that did a lot of different things but also had a lot of flexibility.”
Marko M. Read all reviews on Capterra
"We decided on Syskit due to the automation of permission reviews, and the GUI provided for end users. Our users LOVE the system for managing their memberships and channels."
Amanda G. Read all reviews on Capterra