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Syskit in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms

Gartner, a leading technological and advisory company, featured SysKit in their 2022 "Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms" report.

SysKit has been identified as the Representative Office Productivity Tool Vendor with our SaaS Management Platform, Syskit Point

Gartner helps thousands of companies worldwide make strategic business decisions, and this report brings valuable recommendations for effective management of the SaaS cycle.  This acknowledgment followed the one in November last year when Gartner recognized Syskit in their “Assessing Workspace Governance and Life Cycle Controls in Microsoft 365” report. 

Both reports are available to Gartner’s subscribers here: 

How to tackle data challenges with Syskit Point

Today companies must grapple with numerous complexities in their tenants due to the lack of workspace visibility and the rising volume of data. Without a proper overview of the environment, three main challenges arise for modern organizations: 

  • workspace visibility, 
  • security issues, 
  • ROI. 

SysKit Point SaaS management platform tackles these issues by providing a centralized and scalable solution for Microsoft 365 environments. Organizations can curb security threats, eliminate unnecessary storage costs, and improve business processes by establishing control over the tenant and implementing governance.  

For example, a seemingly simple challenge such as workspace sprawl creates redundant data, increases the chances of a data leak, impedes business operations, and demands additional storage space. 

Also, visibility in the tenant and comprehensive reporting are crucial to minimizing risks associated with regulatory compliance and auditing. Syskit Point delivers simplified data management and governance paired with powerful reporting.

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