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Microsoft Office 365 admin portal URLs

Get a complete list of Microsoft Office 365 admin portal URLs with some of the most business-critical services you'll need.

There is a large collection of Microsoft Office 365 admin portal URLs. It is because the variety in Microsoft 365 apps reflects modern workplaces – the drive for more data and insights and the need for hybrid and remote workforces. Plus, the requirement for scalable storage and on-demand services. This way of doing business requires apps available As-a-Service, from anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, many of these admin portal URLs will be business-critical and subject to strict security and governance procedures. Naturally, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and other login security methods will often be required. Of course, this means taking some extra steps and time.

However, there is one way we can help you log in and do your work faster. And that’s by making sure you have all the Microsoft 365 admin portal URLs in one place. Ready for you to access, click, and enter your credentials. That’s why below, you’ll find a list with some of the most business-critical M365 admin URLs you’ll need.

Azure Active Directory URL

Click to go enter the Microsoft enterprise-grade platform offering protection and security against cyber threats. The available services include Single Sign-On (SSO), MFA, conditional access, and all through a single identity control plane for full visibility and control.

Azure Portal URL

The URL you need when you want to manage your Azure subscription. Build, manage, and monitor basic web-based apps through your most complex cloud deployments. Access can be made available to just you, teams, or it can be project-based.

Cloud App Security URL

This Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) has been renamed Microsoft Defender For Cloud Apps. While this URL remains active, you may also want to use the Microsoft 365 Defender URL listed further down. Otherwise, use this URL to gain visibility, control, management, and automation across Microsoft and third-party cloud services.

Device management/endpoint

Clicking the URL takes you to Microsoft’s unified endpoint management (UEM) tool. Where you can deploy, manage, and secure Microsoft 365 users, apps, and endpoint devices. It’s designed for organizations at different stages of their cloud journeys, involving Microsoft Zero Trust technology.

Exchange Admin Center

This is the new version of the Exchange Control Panel (that’s still available at The management console remains very much the tool for managing organizational email settings. However, Microsoft says the new design is “designed to provide an experience more in line with the overall Microsoft 365 admin experience”.

Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Admins will need this URL to configure, manage and monitor Microsoft 365 admin portals, services, applications, devices, and users. It’s a quick way to view settings and carry out core admin tasks, from adding users and resetting passwords to creating support requests and receiving notifications.

Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center

You’ll need this portal URL for any Microsoft apps within your organization. Click to gain access to deployment, management, monitoring, and securing apps. You can also create new or existing Office 365 deployment configurations from this page.

Microsoft 365 Defender

This URL takes you to Microsoft’s integrated threat protection solution. Where advanced defense methods include automation, built-in AI, and remediation. Helping organizations reduce attack surfaces, prevent cross-domain attacks, and return affected assets to safe states. The URL is also the destination for what was the Office 365 Security Center.

Microsoft 365 Defender Managed Service Security Provider (MSSP)

It’s possible to login as an MSSP for Microsoft 365 Defender capabilities. You just need to enter a URL with the relevant tenant ID at the end.

How to find your Microsoft tenant ID number

  • Login to Azure AD
  • Switch the current directory to your customer’s tenant
  • Click Azure Active Directory > Properties
Azure Active Directory admin center
  • The tenant ID will be visible in the Tenant ID field for you to copy
Azure Active Directory admin center Tenant

Microsoft 365 Network Connectivity test

This admin portal URL gives access to a tool for measuring and understanding any issues with your connectivity. Run the test, and Microsoft first measures connectivity between your device and the internet. From there, the test measures connectivity to the Microsoft network. Run tests from different locations, and you can identify any bottlenecks at particular Microsoft 365 sites or user devices.

Microsoft 365 Status

Use this URL if service issues stop tenant administrators from accessing Service Health in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. The above link is a direct link, so you may have to login. Alternatively, you can click on and then simply follow the prompts.

Microsoft Purview (formerly Azure Purview)

Governance teams will require this portal URL. Click to access Microsoft Purview, a unified data governance solution on-premises, multi-cloud and SaaS. It’s your all-in-one Office 365 Security and Compliance Center and expands on the Office Security Center. The result – a unified map for labelling, classifying, understanding, and discovering data within your Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft Security Intelligence portal

Click this portal login URL to get up-to-date security intelligence from Microsoft. This includes the ability to report malicious files and submit files for investigation and false positives. There are also links to security documentation, online communities, plus the latest news and guidance on tackling emerging threats and potential vulnerabilities within Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Sentinel

This portal URL takes you to Microsoft’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution. Detection is supported by analytics and Microsoft threat intelligence. The investigation is powered by AI, while responses are managed by built-in orchestration and automation.

Multi-Factor Authentication Admin Portal

Once logged in, you can quickly see your organization’s current status of MFA. Choose to view user types (from sign-in allowed users and billing administrators to global, billing, service, and password admins). You can also switch between any enabled or enforced MFA statuses.

Office 365 Admin Center

This will take you to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, where you can manage all your organization’s apps.

OneDrive Admin Center

Click this URL when you want to manage your OneDrive configuration. Storage, protection, access and sharing – it’s all available after you login. The link is also useful for your OneDrive compliance requirements. You can search the audit log, create and view DLP policies and reports, create retention policies and alerts, and create an eDiscovery case.

Power BI admin portal

Click this URL and then login using your admin credentials. Then click Settings > Admin portal. If you’re having access issues, check whether you’re a global admin or service admin. After you’ve logged in, you can view Power BI workspaces, enable and disable Power BI tenant settings, configure export and sharing, and more.

SharePoint Online Admin Center

This is the URL you need to manage, create and find SharePoint sites across your organization. You can add and remove group owners. There are also links to start migrating emails, data, and other organizational content.

Teams Admin Center

If you’re assigned as a Teams Administrator or Global Administrator, click the URL to access Teams management tools in one place. Once you’re in, you can add, edit, archive, delete, and search teams. You can also manage team profiles and members, add or remove channels, members and owners, and change settings.

Teams call quality dashboard

Here’s another useful Microsoft Teams portal login URL. The Microsoft Call Quality Dashboard gives you an organization-wide analysis into a call and meeting quality from within Teams, Skype for Business Online, and Skype for Business Server 2019. Combine this with your Power BI login to crunch the data and extract call-related insights.

Yammer admin

The enterprise social networking platform has several different admin roles, which can be viewed and edited within the Yammer Admin Center. While admins can’t edit their own roles, they can see who are network and verified admins.

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