SPDockit videos

SharePoint and GDPR Compliance

Learn the core pillars of GDPR. see some recommendations for SharePoint administration and how to help your company become GDPR compliant!

SharePoint 2016 with SQL Server 2016

In this free webinar powered by SysKit, SharePoint masters, Isabelle Van Campenhoudt and Serge Luca, will lead you through the vast expanse of SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint Permissions Management

In this free webinar, you will learn how to use SPDockit’s powerful permissions management features to make your admin lives easier!

SharePoint Pre-migration Validation

In this free webinar powered by SysKit, you will learn how SPDockit can help you carry out an error-free SharePoint migration. Check it out!

Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 with Todd Klindt

In this free webinar powered by SysKit, you’ll hear some useful migration tips from a real SharePoint mastermind, Todd Klindt.

SPDockit: SharePoint Administration Tool

Learn more about SPDockit features. Check what SPDockit is all about and how you can best utilize it to perform every day SharePoint administration tasks with ease!

Audit SharePoint Farm Configuration

In this demonstration video, we will show you how you can use the Best Practices feature from SPDockit to analyze your SharePoint farms, improve their performance, or to fix potential issues.

SharePoint Permissions Governance

In this video we discuss some of the major issues in SharePoint Governance, outlining key permissions management tasks and explaining how SPDockit can automate these tasks.

Why should you use SPDockit?

Is your SharePoint giving you a headache and do you often see “Sorry, something went wrong” message? We have the best medicine and solution for you – SPDockit. Learn how it can help you and why should you use it!

SharePoint and GDPR Complinace

In this webinar we explained the core pillars of GDPR. You will also see some recommendations how to become compliant.

Hands-on SPDockit 7: New features

SPDockit 7 is the biggest release ever! Check out new features – restoring permissions, SharePoint Online, Project Server, auditing and much more.

SharePoint migration with SPDockit

The key phase of every successful SharePoint migration project is an assessment of your current SharePoint farm environment. Learn how you can effectively go through this phase with SPDockit.

Compare different SharePoint farms

In this webinar, we show how you can compare different SharePoint farms with the SPDockit. Find out how to utilize SPDockit to better manage your farms, compare different snapshots, and compare permissions and web.configs.

Create a copy of your SharePoint farm

Learn how to generate an XML configuration file in SPDockit that you can use along with AutoSPInstaller to create a new SharePoint farm that is the same as or similar to your current farm environment.

Upgrade to Syskit from previous products

We bring you the recording and transcription of our recent webinar, “Upgrade to Syskit.” In this video we discuss how to upgrade from our previous products to Syskit. You can also learn more about Syskit – what it does and how we came upon the idea to create Syskit in the first place.

Syskit Configuration and Features

This video is a short configuration guide for the Syskit software and an overview of Syskit reporting options and main features such as user activity monitoring, server performance monitoring, application usage monitoring, etc.

How to Install Syskit: A walk-through

In this short tutorial we will walk you through the installation and configuration process for the Syskit in just a few simple steps. Syskit is an agentless server monitoring tool, meaning you can monitor all your servers from only one console.

SharePoint Disaster Recovery

Find out how to recover the SharePoint disaster with Microsoft MVP, Sean Patrick McDonough. Download a free trial of SPDocKit and take control of your SharePoint farm administration.