Office 365 License Reporting and Management

Companies around the world are facing the challenge of underoptimized Office 365 licenses. Identify mismanaged licenses to cut costs and reach the desired KPIs.



Filter and Customize Reports

Refine your Office 365 license reporting – see licenses by department or country.


Report to Managers and Executives

 Send or schedule reports to your colleagues or managers and keep them in the loop.

Specific User Audit

Cut Costs and Optimize Budget

Easily keep track of unused and underutilized licenses. Reclaim unused licenses to other users.

Granular O365 License Reporting

Monitor license consumption in your Office 365 environment:

  • Report on the overall license status and cost in your company
  • Keep track of unused and unassigned licenses
  • Explore license usage by a particular Office 365 service
  • Create accurate license usage reports by department or country

office 365 license overview

inactive office 365 licenses

Optimize Office 365 Licensing Costs

Ensure that right people have the right licenses:

  • Detect licenses assigned to inactive, blocked, or deleted users
  • Detect underutilized licenses and services that haven’t reached their full adoption potential
  • Reclaim inactive licenses and cut unnecessary costs


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