What’s New – 7.2

March, 2016

We are excited to present you a new version of SysKit Monitor – 7.2, bringing you some great new features. The most notable one is the option to compare your server inventory over time and on different servers. SysKit now supports multi-tenant monitoring which comes in handy if you have different environments, such as QA, UAT or any other untrusted domain. We’ve also added some interesting new reports for you to use.

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Inventory Reports for System Updates, Certificates and Local Admins7.2

Make patch management simpler with a full overview of system updates that are available or installed on your computers. List all certificates in the personal store on your computer and find out their validity period, thumbprint, etc. Index all members of the local administration group for each computer and their domains.


Server Inventory Snapshots7.2

Having better control over your server inventory saves time and money. Use Inventory Snapshots to help your system inventory remain well-organized using only one console for all computers. Snapshots provide you with detailed server inventory such as installed programs, hardware, system updates, Windows services, certificated and local admins.

Server Snapshots Compare7.2

Travel back in time and discover changes made in your hardware and software inventory. Compare inventory snapshots from different points in time and explore differences in inventory configurations on a selected server or different (multiple) servers.


Multi-Tenant Server Monitoring7.2

Multi-tenant server monitoring is now available using SysKit! You no longer have to have an agent installed on your server in every domain with a trusted relationship. Now, you can add monitored domains right away and start collecting data.

You can use specified service account for each domain and monitor untrusted domains. For managed service providers, you can have a multi-tenant environment for every client. What better way to have all your data and reports under one console making billing reports for your clients effortlessly.

New Custom Reports7.2

Get some real-time data on your system updates using Installed Updates custom report. It lists all updates and their statuses on each computer, enabling you to compare their update statuses. Easily view SysKit roles of your users within monitored environment using SysKit Permissions report. Windows Services report lists all the Windows Services available on all of the computers in real-time, and shows you current status of each one.