What’s new 8.3

Syskit Monitor 8.3 is live, and with it comes some great improvements and features! First of all, our team’s been working to bring you advanced alerting capabilities, meaning you can now set up customized alerts for every PowerShell task started in Syskit Monitor! Also, Syskit Monitor now provides you with an in-app repository from where you can download custom reports, PowerShell scripts, and monitoring templates.

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Custom PowerShell alerts 2016 R2 – 8.3

Configure Syskit to send alerts if a certain output is returned from executing the PowerShell script. For example, you can create a script that pings SharePoint site latency and availability in a certain time frame. If any of your SharePoint sites is unreachable or the response time is over ten seconds, Syskit will alert you. This way, you can detect the problem and fix it before your end users start calling the help desk.

Syskit Monitor PowerShell script wizard

Downloadable add-ons through Syskit UI 2016 R2 – 8.3

Get more out of Syskit with application add-ons such as Custom Reports, PowerShell scripts, and performance monitoring templates created by the Syskit team to help you with daily system administration tasks. Now, all add-ons are stored in an online repository, from where you can import them through the Syskit interface and set about using them in just a few clicks.

Syskit Monitor download PowerShell scripts

CredSSP authentication support 2016 R2 – 8.3

Syskit now supports CredSSP, making PowerShell administration even more efficient. If a PowerShell needs to access a resource outside the remote server machine, Syskit lets you delegate the user’s credentials to the target server for remote authentication. For example, if the SharePoint server needs to get data from the Content DB, or you need to read from the Domain Controller.

Syskit Monitor options

New performance monitoring templates 2016 R2 – 8.3

Syskit brings you more performance monitoring templates for specific server roles, just like you asked us to. From now on, Syskit will provide you with downloadable templates for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, Hyper-V, and the distributed SharePoint cache. The templates contain the most important services and counters and their thresholds.

Syskit Monitor monitoring templates