#ReadySetGov: Accelerate your Governance in Microsoft 365

You know good governance empowers corporate performance. But do you know how to do it properly? Learn over 3 days, from 3 prominent experts, with a 1-hour session each day, hosted by our very own CEO, Toni Frankola.

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May 17-19

Governance demystified: Discover efficient and scalable instructions for smooth day-to-day governance

The power of governance is often recognized as the bridge that connects IT and business. Its framework, made of mechanisms for employees at all organization’s level, ensures that regulatory compliance, performance, information protection, access control and risk appetite are up to standards. That is why governance is a crucial part of modern organizations around the globe. By attending this live virtual summit, you will learn how to:

Drive adoption pro-actively

Improve coordination, management, and end-user experiences with effective governance.

Ensure data privacy doesn't become a blocker to using Microsoft Teams

Utilize encryption and data classification in a useful and compliant way.

Recognize the Stages of Group Lifecycle Management

Design your M365 Group Lifecycle Management Service and automate it when needed.

Empower your corporate performance in M365

Learn about SysKit Point’s efficient approach to administration, monitoring and governance.


A one-hour session every day at the same time for 3 days.

May 17-19
May 17-19
2022-05-17 17:00
Toni Frankola Co-founder and CEO at SysKit

Introduction & Discussion

This summit is organized to provide answers. Toni will be asking the right questions to each of our guest presenters to unlock all the best practices you can start using right now.

May 17
2022-05-17 17:00
Richard Harbridge Business & Technology Advisor, CTO, Microsoft MVP

Microsoft 365 Proactive Governance & Adoption: What You Need To Know

Richard Harbridge will share proven approaches to getting started and succeeding in establishing and improving Microsoft 365 Governance. Richard’s focus will be explaining how shifting from a reactive approach to a proactive one in Microsoft 365 governance, and to a proactive a...

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May 18
2022-05-18 17:00
Raphael Koellner Executive Consultant, and Microsoft Regional Director

Compliance and Microsoft Teams

Raphael Koellner will welcome you into the world of compliance – one of the biggest topics, including governance, security, data privacy, adoption, and all the rules from national to international and company rules. Together you will have a view of the daily work with Micro...

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May 19
2022-05-19 17:00
David Broussard Director of Digital Workplace Solutions

M365 Group Lifecycle Management

David Broussard sees the M365 Group as the fundamental building block of M365 since their control and how they are created, managed, archived, and deleted is a critical governance issue for organizations. This session will explore the questions that your organization will need to...

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Richard Harbridge

Richard Harbridge is a trusted advisor to hundreds of organizations, helping them understand their current and future needs and what actions they should take to grow and achieve their ambitions. Richard has led, architected, and implemented hundreds of business and technology solutions that have helped organizations transform both digitally and organizationally.

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Raphael Koellner

Raphael Koellner is a Microsoft Regional Director who combines law and information technology. He has worked for universities, Microsoft Germany (DX), legal organizations and Microsoft Partners. Being an 8-time MVP for Office Apps & Services, Insider MVP, Teams ELITE 100 Program member, Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Student Partner, Raphael is a frequent speaker at international events and conferences.

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David Broussard

David Broussard has been in IT for over 30 years and got into SharePoint in 2003. Now he focuses on the M365 stack and productivity. He loves his job because he gets to go to organizations and preach the gospel of Microsoft in the cloud. That means that he gets to help organizations find the best way to use technologies to achieve their business goals.

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Toni Frankola

Toni Frankola is the CEO of SysKit and has been a part of the Microsoft ecosystem for over 18 years, during which time he has been awarded a SharePoint/Office 365 MVP for 6 years in a row. SysKit is a company with over 60 employees and over 3,000 clients worldwide, specializing in state-of-the-art Microsoft 365 and SharePoint enterprise solutions.


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