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Stories from sales trenches: How Syskit Point helped with inactive Teams Cleanup

Learn more about how Syskit Point helped a government agency whose mission is to promote the highest standards of control and ensure prosperity in its appointed sector.

In this blog post, we are going to focus on a Government customer. They are a government agency whose mission is to promote the highest standards of control and ensure prosperity in its appointed sector

The challenge

  • The first obstacle the customer had to overcome was to detect the number of Teams in their environment, the number of owners, and inactive Teams.
  • The second challenge here was to implement rules for those team owners so they can track the creation of Teams.
  • The third challenge was implementing a simple alerting policy on highly sensitive sites whenever a certain audit action occurred on that site.

What helped in tracking all those challenges is the combined effort of both Syskit and the customer. Our sales development representative made an intro call about the challenges that Syskit Point could solve for them.

Ivan Mamic Sales Syskit

The biggest issue here is that they were struggling with the number of Teams they had in their environment. Their Teams environment was a mess, and that needed additional managing. Being a government agency, they needed to implement governance policies and especially alerting on highly sensitive sites.

Ivan Mamic
Sales Manager, Syskit

We didn’t do everything ourselves; the customer did a fair bit of research about our product, as well. They have downloaded various e-books, watched a few webinars, and did a thorough investigation of our online resource material. To be honest with you, this has made my job a lot easier. Since the customer was already familiar with the material and had a few online demos, we agreed it was a good idea to make a joint effort and meet for a one-on-one demo.

The solution

We needed to focus on their challenges during the demo phase and how we can solve them with Syskit Point.

  • The first challenge was solved by tracking inactive Teams with the inactive content report, so we needed to focus on that part first.
  • The second challenge was solved with the Inactive Content automation and the admin’s ability to track who has archived/deleted their content at a point in time.
  • Alerting challenge was solved by Syskit Point alerting system, where they can create easy to read alerts on both tenant level and site level.

The flow was all about meeting the challenges head-on and verifying that their requirements are precisely what they need. There were many back and forth and multiple persons involved, so it was much more of a conversation than just a demo. In that conversation, both sides agreed that the idea of moving forward was ideal.

The results

During the call, the customer has told me that they wanted to skip a free trial and go straight to the purchasing phase. We gathered the information needed and made sure that the licensing we offered was agreeable to the customer. After that, the process itself was seamless, and the purchase was made reasonably quickly.

The real story lies ahead of us. Deploying the solution and making sure that it’s up and running is a high-priority objective, and we need to work together and, with a joint effort, make admin life just a little bit easier. But that’s what It’s all about.

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