SharePoint Performance Monitoring
with Sean P. McDonough

What Is It About & Who Is It For?

Get ready! We teamed up with a real SharePoint expert and a Microsoft MVP, Sean Patrick McDonough, to bring you yet another free educational webinar.

What you will learn:

  • Monitor specific SharePoint server roles by tracking their performance counters
  • Track services and SharePoint site metrics
  • Detect changes in your SharePoint server configuration
  • Receive real-time alerts for any potential issues in your environment
  • Reduce your page load times by detecting and fixing problematic SharePoint services

SharePoint Performance Monitoring webinar

Watch the recording and monitor your SharePoint Server properly

Sean McDonough


  • Sean P. McDonough

Sean has over two decades of experience developing software, building infrastructures, and solving technical problems. He has acquired a diverse and expansive skillset as a consultant, product manager, solution architect, administrator, and platform evangelist.

  • Webinar Duration: 85 mins

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