Master Office 365 Offboarding
with Todd Klindt

What Is It About & Who Is It For?

Every day, admins of big and small organizations have to cope with employee fluctuation. People who are leaving Office 365 leave their resources orphaned and inaccessible until they get a new owner.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to prepare a proper Office 365 offboarding process
  • What happens when an Office 365 user leaves your company
  • How to detect shared files from their OneDrive
  • How to find all the resources a user owned before leaving, such as groups, teams, and sites

Office 365 offboarding webinar

Watch the recording and learn the skills of proper Office 365 offboarding!

Todd Klindt


  • Todd Klindt, Chief Evangelist @SysKit

Todd Klindt is a 13-year Microsoft MVP specializing in Infrastructure and Administration topics for SharePoint and Office 365. He has spoken at countless technical conferences all over the world and written several books on SharePoint.

  • Webinar Duration: 60 mins

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Detect all former user's resources such as teams, groups, and sites.
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